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Inhaling Drug in Bangladesh

Posted in Drug in Bangladesh on January 18, 2010 by Meta

           Living in Bangladesh is a brand new life for me. Things change from time to time. People here are more obedient. There are more rules for the citizens here than in Cambodia. For instance, no alcohol is allowed here. I almost forgot what a drunken person would react.

           I had been too comfortable with this country and where I lived that I almost thought totally positive about things here until one day. I was totally washed out the first time I saw two 5-year-old boys sitting on a dirty cart near a mountain of stinky trash looking up with one hand clutching tight with a white plastic bag and the other hand raising up high over their heads. They inhaled and giggled.

          It was not the first time that I have seen someone inhaling glue. In fact, inhaling glue is the other type of doing drug. Regular users are street or poor children and teenagers. I have seen a lot of street kids back in my country inhaling glue and it was not a surprise. This kind of drug using has been recognized since before the year 2000 in Cambodia.

          However, those kids, whom I saw along the road when I was on a rickshaw with my friend, are the first kids I saw who inhaled glue in Bangladesh. It was very upsetting to watch them across the street and unable to do or say anything. It was even more disappointing to realize that no one around them care to notice what they were doing. They were completely ignored as if they were alone.

          Now I do have a question that some of my Bangladeshi friends refused to answer – what would the government reaction be when it came to this particular issue in Bangladesh? Do people get used to having seen street children inhaling glue? What would people think of them?

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Links to the Drug Report

Posted in Drug in Bangladesh on August 21, 2009 by Meta

           1. NeySometa_Drug_Addiction_Bangladesh.mp3

            This link is the second version on the Asian University for Women website. The original one is on the BBC radio website. The reason why I purposely posted the second one is that there is a girl who wants to hide her identity. Therefore, I re-edited the audio and my teacher put it on this website. I hope you will learn something from it.


             This link is about me on the BBC website. There are two more websites, but there’s also a link to the girl’s identity from those webs. Therefore, I need to keep it simple this way.

Batali Hill – Forget it, or Take it back?

Posted in Drug in Bangladesh on May 15, 2009 by Meta


             If you live in Chittagong, Bangladesh, you might enjoy seeing the green view of its city. One word to describe such view is fascinating.

             There is a place in the city where you can see the whole city from the top. It’s called Batali hill.

             Before, there were many people in and outside the city that liked to visit the hill just to smell the city. However, now it is not a better place to go anymore. Why is it?

Image’s InFO: Batali Hill

             If you go there, you will see that there is only one way from the bottom to the top. There is a slum area at the waist of the hill. People’s lives are quite interesting there, but the thing is a small drug business is also there. That is 80% true.

             One day, my friend and her father visited the hill. Coincidently, there were a few police’s cars at the bottom of the hill, and there was a man shouting from the waist of the hill to another man at the top. They used their slang language to communicate so that no one knew what they were talking about.

             Then another man followed my friend and her father. She thought that maybe he was thinking that her father was a detector who acted like a visitor. She was scared. She didn’t dare to look at the man’s face. She said that she could feel his horrible voice.

             Luckily, her father was a good communicator, so the problem was solved.

             “Don’t go there alone, not even if you have a group of friends. It’s very dangerous out there.” She said to me.

              So what now? A resort is taken over by drug dealers – or whoever they are. How can a tourist like me find another place to enjoy the whole view of Chittagong besides Batali Hill?