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Why Recovery from Drug is Hard?

Posted in Causes/Effects on October 30, 2010 by Meta

            Recently, I have attended a workshop about Neuroscience. The lecturer was a very interesting lady. She said she only studied this subject just because she was so interested of studying the brain in terms of keep studying it, not because she wanted to be a doctor in that matter. Besides the fact that she had a Ph.D. she still looks young and cool. That’s rare.

            Anyway, the reason that her lecture is in this post is because she revealed the truth behind the brain function after a person has used drug. Now that makes sense. Remember the last post I was talking about Stress, Drug, & Addiction? Yes? No? Well, it’s right under this new post; so, it should not be a problem if you don’t remember it or you didn’t read it before.

            The thing is once you have used drug, it destroys the backside of your brain function that is a sense of taking control or controlling your emotion and actions, which means after a person has used drug, s/he already has her/his sense of controlling damaged. And therefore, s/he could not control her/his emotions and acts afterward. Therefore, s/he could not be easily recovering from drug because in order to recover from drug, a person needs to work on how to control her/himself. Sounds redundant?

            Anyway, I read a book about drug a year ago. It states that the highest percentage that addicts recover after having gone to the rehab is about 15% – 15% of fully recovered patients from drug using. By fully recovery, I mean that the patient is determined to not use drug afterward, and he/she could do it. It’s not just everywhere, it’s the statistic in one of the rehabilitation in the U.S.

            In short, using drug is like you are welcome to go in anytime you want, but you can’t just leave. Sorry, there’s no exit door in the room. You have to actually break the wall by your own inner and outer strength to make your own way out. Otherwise, you’re stuck in it for life. It’s not easy to get out, but it is possible.

            So it’s definitely recommended not to try drug. It burns you down to ash.  Like I mentioned before, depression is unquestionably hard to deal with. What you need to do is to find inspiration and the reason you live for because without it, nothing is important anymore and you might end up in deep black hole. Life is pain, but it’s up to you to fix it. That’s how you survive, so far. Peace out…


Stress, Drugs, & Addiction

Posted in Causes/Effects on September 3, 2010 by Meta

               This one is easy to guess what goes up in the whole page.

              Simple logical term that I am using here is stress leads to drugs, then addiction covers it.

             Is that all? In the bottom line, yes. That’s pretty much it. But in terms of detailed information, it’s too less to explain any one thing.

             First of all, stress is important to understand.

             What is stress anyway?

             Why is it always the problem for most people?

             In my subjective idea, stress is tension that is hard to get over it, nor get it over with. To make tension becomes stress is when you get to the point that you’re stuck with it in life. That’s not necessarily or entirely true. You can literally walk away from it, which means it’s not that heavy to lift if off of you back. But not figuratively because you actually believe you’re overwhelmed by it. It encompasses your head. Maybe shaving your head could be a good idea to release your stress or so you might think.

             You know what? It’s not all about your hair. It’s about what is the size of the tension that you put in your head. You might go crazy thinking your head can be exploded because the ample tension  is too much to handle. You  might start tapping your head moving your tension from your left brain to flood the right side, thinking it might flow out once in a while. Guess what? It’s never going to get anywhere out of your skull. It’s always there if you don’t have a solution to it.

             A solution can’t just be found when you wake up from your sleep, especially when your thoughts are paranoid because of the tension you’re having. So what do you do when your nightmares are getting worse and no one’s there to comfort you at night? What would you think of when your house is seized and your husband’s in prison? How to cope the stress when your mother is dying, your father is praying every night to god to take his wife off of his burden and your brother has gone missing? What’s there to do when you witness your family’s death after a robbery? Or how to smile after your only relative hanged himself in your beautiful house?

             Yeah, yeah, it’s not impossible to pull yourself together. But don’t you think it’s a little complicated to get the case solved and get your head clear?

             “Everything is possible if you just believe,”  or so people say. The thing is, what’s there to believe after all we’ve been through? The question surely does not pop out in your head a lot, but at some points, in some situations, this is all you could think of. Then what is important? What is it that really matters in your life? Is it your physical or your emotional safety? You’re confused and you can’t turn back the time. You can’t go back to normal, nor can you pretend nothing happened. You always see, hear, and feel what happened like you were standing in the right same spot and not moving an inch from the incident you have witnessed. You’d wish for a day or at least an hour, just an hour without all these feelings and tensions. You need a break.

             Who would you turn to then? Your friends? Your family? They’re all gone, remember? Or they’re still here, but it seems like they’re not where you come from. You can’t face the music with them. They don’t feel your pain. You might be afraid they will get your disease too or they will never understand you. So what? My statement comes up now. After a full page of writing here it is, you let drug shut you down in order to take a break for once in a life time then casually. Eventually, you’re it; you’re addicted. End of story.

             What? Not enough? Well, it’s not The End.

             It’s just the first episode.

             There’s more coming up. Don’t expect it’ll be too soon though.

             Thank You for Reading.

Drugs Make Your Life Become the Meaning of One Word – RUINED

Posted in Causes/Effects on September 15, 2009 by Meta

             Reading Mr. James Frey’s work is surprising. The book came to me from nowhere, and it ended up in front of me. So I read it.A million-little-pieces

Image’s Info: A Million Little Pieces

             A Million Little Pieces is a scary book to be related to the author’s situation. I made many stupid faces while reading it. It was a good book for addicts and sobers. Although some parts of it are exaggerated a bit or a lot, the book does show how it feels to be an addict. People say, “It’s easy said than done.” Knowing something is difficult is not the same thing as feeling something is difficult.

             He, Mr. Frey, proves that this saying is true enough. One more thing is that, “Prevention is better than cured.” Through his book, A Million Little Pieces, he shows how damaged a person at his age could be done to himself. He shows how being an addict destroys everything he used to have.

             Drug & Alcohol give you intrepid feelings. It makes you think of nothing but being full of confident to destroy and kill. After a while, when you’re addicted, you’re scared of everything around you more than you ever feel. It makes you scared to be yourself, and it makes you feel like you’ve got to shoot drug to calm yourself down. It makes you feel whatever you don’t want to feel, but whatever you body wants to feel.You can’t stay sober because you’re scared of being off drug. You tell yourself you just can’t because without it your heart beat faster, you’re out of breath.

             Even if you’re clean, you still think of doing it again everytime, no matter while you’re asleep or awake. At least a year or two after you quit, you start to feel like you can survive without it again. Therefore, you should understand that drug is not what you want because what it gives you is whatever you don’t want to get.

             You can actually ignore your problems when you’re high, but don’t forget that those problems of yours are still there for you. They are never going to be solved because of the fact that you are ignoring them. They won’t go away unless you face them, fight them off your back, and put them out of your face.

             Doing drug is just to make your life worse. When life is everything you want it to be, don’t let drug makes your life become the meaning of one word, which is RUINED.

Friday 7th August 2009

Posted in Causes/Effects on September 2, 2009 by Meta

Suicidal Letter - 1

Suicidal Letter - 2

This is a sample of suicidal letters. It’s written by the one I really love – still alive, and edited by me. I don’t know if drug attempters could have any pieces of writing like this. Nonetheless, there should be places for them to recover from depression.

What Will Happen When the Society Makes Us Feel Uncomfortable?

Posted in Causes/Effects on March 26, 2009 by Meta

  Mirror Looking

Image’s InFO: Mirror Looking

A lot of people agree that society makes them look differently at themselves. In fact, people easily get nervous when they are surrounded by eyes. Some people say, “The way people look at me makes me scared to look at myself.”

Generally, being different also makes people feel uncomfortable in their societies. Some people wouldn’t go out without looking at the mirror, but still, all they can think of themselves are weirdoes.

More effectively, the way they are treated differently in their societies also makes them feel uneasy. Most of the time, we can hear some people ask, “Why would they do this to me?” or “What am I doing wrong?” These questions will be asked whenever people are treated differently. It hunts their feelings inside.

This is the reason why a lot of people are afraid of showing whom they are because they think that their societies would not accept them. It is also one of the reasons that makes people become lack of confident, and it can lead some of them to drugs since they want to be stronger and more confident.

Do THEY Not Know How Dangerous Drugs Are?

Posted in Causes/Effects on March 11, 2009 by Meta

Well, actually the negative effects of drugs are explained in homes, schools, community services…, and most of the people know this kind of facts without even going to school.

People do understand what the shocking effects of drugs are. However, some of them still want to experience it. Why? Don’t they have brains? Don’t they think of their futures? Don’t they think of others?

If you have one of these questions above, you might think that those drug addicts are born to be wild criminals, and that’s why they use drugs.

In fact, they do have feelings and judgments. It’s not like they just do or shoot drugs whenever they feel bored. There are a lot of reasons that push a person into the black hole. Those reasons might be among these points below:

·         Peer pressure – friends are really effective because most of the time, they are with you and if they persuade you to do drug with them, it’s a possible way for you to comply it. Or maybe your relationship breaks up into pieces, and it’s hard for you to face it. Thus, you might use drugs to solve the problem.        


·         Family pressure – people in your family are the most effective people to you. If your family has a bad relationship, it makes your world goes crazy and it also can lead you to drugs.


·         Job/School pressure – school or office is the second place that you spend most of your time there. If the place is full of depressing works or unbearable people, you will be depressed and that is also one of the major factors that compels you to think of doing drugs.


·         Economic crisis – financial is the nuisance problem for everyone. When you can no longer afford your everyday-life, in one way or another, you might see how drugs can be your closed friend.


·         Lack of confident – most of the people who are lack of confident might be sick of the word “loser” which others like to use it to call them. At the moment, they would think of what can make them become stronger inside. Therefore, in their opinions, drugs can easily be considered as their inner strengths.


·         Experiment/Curiosity – some people want to know the exact feeling of being affected by drugs in due to study whether it is possible for them to control themselves while they are doing it. That is a very bad idea, because even it is just an experiment, least of them can actually stop doing it after they did. Not even think about controlling themselves.


·         To learn/work better – even though drugs give you a lot of negative effects, it can keep you awake all day long. Some students in colleges do or shot drugs because of this matter because then they can keep on doing their homework.


·         To lose weight – knowing that drugs keep you thin, because when you do drugs, you don’t need a lot of food to eat, some girls including the models try to do drugs because they want to fit in their careers or maybe they just want their bodies to be elegant.

·         And another none-academic reason is love mess – when you lose your love, you lose your faith for a moment. Your world becomes black and you don’t want to stay healthy anymore. So drugs can be used in that case.

The reasons might be more than that. But, the truth is each person has his/her own difficulties. Sometimes it’s okay for them to handle it, but there is a time when they are sick of solving or facing their problems. At that moment, it’s possible for them to do drugs or drink alcohol.

Alcohol/drugs can be considered as the most common things that people use to lie to themselves that the problem will be solved in one way or another. Or maybe, they just want to hurt themselves because they don’t like the one who they see in the mirror anymore. Or maybe, they just hate everyone around them so that drugs can lead them to hurt those people as retaliations. Or maybe, they just want to forget about who they are for a moment.

Thus, drug addicts, who know better the impact of doing drugs, still use it because they cannot face the fact that life is pain.