About ME

                My full name is Ney Someta, but I like to be called Meta. I’m buddhist. I was born in 1990, February 18. For 17 years, I had been in Cambodia. Now I’m a student in Access Academy, Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh.  Some people call me “an outsider.” I know I’m a weirdo sometimes but I’m okay with me.

     I like to write weird stuffs in a dark way. I think my blog can show my taste. Most of my friends told me to change my negative thinking, but it is what comes to my head first and I like it that way.






3 Responses to “About ME”

  1. keep going. i am with you!

  2. LuckyChance Says:

    Hello Meta,
    I stumbled across your blog after I was looking at some BBC reports on drug use in Asia. I really like how you write. You convey your views on things in a very straight and honest way. Very realistic and pragmatic approach to life too.
    I see that you haven’t been writing here in years so I’m not even sure you’ll read this.
    I just wish you’d start writing some posts again!
    If you have a new blog, let me know about it. I’ll be happy to check it out.

  3. LuckyChance Says:

    Ps: I don’t think it’s fair to say that you wrote weird stuff. The world, people, relationships between people, are all pretty weird and complicated things themselves. You are just a very objective.observer.

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