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Why Recovery from Drug is Hard?

Posted in Causes/Effects on October 30, 2010 by Meta

            Recently, I have attended a workshop about Neuroscience. The lecturer was a very interesting lady. She said she only studied this subject just because she was so interested of studying the brain in terms of keep studying it, not because she wanted to be a doctor in that matter. Besides the fact that she had a Ph.D. she still looks young and cool. That’s rare.

            Anyway, the reason that her lecture is in this post is because she revealed the truth behind the brain function after a person has used drug. Now that makes sense. Remember the last post I was talking about Stress, Drug, & Addiction? Yes? No? Well, it’s right under this new post; so, it should not be a problem if you don’t remember it or you didn’t read it before.

            The thing is once you have used drug, it destroys the backside of your brain function that is a sense of taking control or controlling your emotion and actions, which means after a person has used drug, s/he already has her/his sense of controlling damaged. And therefore, s/he could not control her/his emotions and acts afterward. Therefore, s/he could not be easily recovering from drug because in order to recover from drug, a person needs to work on how to control her/himself. Sounds redundant?

            Anyway, I read a book about drug a year ago. It states that the highest percentage that addicts recover after having gone to the rehab is about 15% – 15% of fully recovered patients from drug using. By fully recovery, I mean that the patient is determined to not use drug afterward, and he/she could do it. It’s not just everywhere, it’s the statistic in one of the rehabilitation in the U.S.

            In short, using drug is like you are welcome to go in anytime you want, but you can’t just leave. Sorry, there’s no exit door in the room. You have to actually break the wall by your own inner and outer strength to make your own way out. Otherwise, you’re stuck in it for life. It’s not easy to get out, but it is possible.

            So it’s definitely recommended not to try drug. It burns you down to ash.  Like I mentioned before, depression is unquestionably hard to deal with. What you need to do is to find inspiration and the reason you live for because without it, nothing is important anymore and you might end up in deep black hole. Life is pain, but it’s up to you to fix it. That’s how you survive, so far. Peace out…