Stress, Drugs, & Addiction

               This one is easy to guess what goes up in the whole page.

              Simple logical term that I am using here is stress leads to drugs, then addiction covers it.

             Is that all? In the bottom line, yes. That’s pretty much it. But in terms of detailed information, it’s too less to explain any one thing.

             First of all, stress is important to understand.

             What is stress anyway?

             Why is it always the problem for most people?

             In my subjective idea, stress is tension that is hard to get over it, nor get it over with. To make tension becomes stress is when you get to the point that you’re stuck with it in life. That’s not necessarily or entirely true. You can literally walk away from it, which means it’s not that heavy to lift if off of you back. But not figuratively because you actually believe you’re overwhelmed by it. It encompasses your head. Maybe shaving your head could be a good idea to release your stress or so you might think.

             You know what? It’s not all about your hair. It’s about what is the size of the tension that you put in your head. You might go crazy thinking your head can be exploded because the ample tension  is too much to handle. You  might start tapping your head moving your tension from your left brain to flood the right side, thinking it might flow out once in a while. Guess what? It’s never going to get anywhere out of your skull. It’s always there if you don’t have a solution to it.

             A solution can’t just be found when you wake up from your sleep, especially when your thoughts are paranoid because of the tension you’re having. So what do you do when your nightmares are getting worse and no one’s there to comfort you at night? What would you think of when your house is seized and your husband’s in prison? How to cope the stress when your mother is dying, your father is praying every night to god to take his wife off of his burden and your brother has gone missing? What’s there to do when you witness your family’s death after a robbery? Or how to smile after your only relative hanged himself in your beautiful house?

             Yeah, yeah, it’s not impossible to pull yourself together. But don’t you think it’s a little complicated to get the case solved and get your head clear?

             “Everything is possible if you just believe,”  or so people say. The thing is, what’s there to believe after all we’ve been through? The question surely does not pop out in your head a lot, but at some points, in some situations, this is all you could think of. Then what is important? What is it that really matters in your life? Is it your physical or your emotional safety? You’re confused and you can’t turn back the time. You can’t go back to normal, nor can you pretend nothing happened. You always see, hear, and feel what happened like you were standing in the right same spot and not moving an inch from the incident you have witnessed. You’d wish for a day or at least an hour, just an hour without all these feelings and tensions. You need a break.

             Who would you turn to then? Your friends? Your family? They’re all gone, remember? Or they’re still here, but it seems like they’re not where you come from. You can’t face the music with them. They don’t feel your pain. You might be afraid they will get your disease too or they will never understand you. So what? My statement comes up now. After a full page of writing here it is, you let drug shut you down in order to take a break for once in a life time then casually. Eventually, you’re it; you’re addicted. End of story.

             What? Not enough? Well, it’s not The End.

             It’s just the first episode.

             There’s more coming up. Don’t expect it’ll be too soon though.

             Thank You for Reading.


20 Responses to “Stress, Drugs, & Addiction”

  1. Can you send me your First Chapter of your vampire story? I gave you mine, so you should give me yours. I want to remember what I was laughing about when I first read it, so I need to reread it!

  2. Do you know that Hilary and Her sister studied online at Harward U. about Environmental Science?

  3. Man, you after me. I already knew that! Hilary finished her Environmental Science just before me, I guess, becos when I heard that I was studying it too. Oh how cool they are!

    Hey, how’s going? You shouldn’t have written like as if you have only two fingers on each hand. Say something! More detail, or I’ll go crazy becos of boredom, mate!

  4. I also know that she didn’t take math or caculous whatsoever!
    Isn’t that nice of her?

    I watched some of her video and interview on youtube and she is really decent. She got a lot of admire. She is also very cute…

    Unfortunately, i couldn’t share it with you. SO you got to be b o r e d… he . he . he .

    Guess what goes up now… i have war inc! you 1 it te? too heavy, I no u can’t take it. Sorry.

    I’m actually doing not so fine in my class. I don’t know math and it’s the end of me! ahahahahahahhahhahahhahah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. OH, she didn’t take math? That’s a good thing then.

    Hey, I asked you to send me the first chapter of your vamp story, why you still keep forgetting that? I have bought a lot of books lately, they’re great. And sometime, i just want to kill those authors who actually wrote the same plots as me, which means I have to change here and there all the time. But it’s okay, it just makes my story even more unique, at least to me.

    Good, seems like you try to bring more detail this time.

    Man, don’t be silly, the stuff that come from your mouth never sound so good. I know you can do the math. Again. Stick to the problems, mate.

  6. Did you get it? The story? I sent it, man.

  7. Hello, got your thing? yet?

  8. Never mind…

    You know what Hil did on the show?

  9. I haven’t, haven’t, haven’t got anything from you, dude! What’s wrong with your email address? It seems dead, try again, I really need to send you mind too, but not the new chapter, it’s the old one, except that it’s newly polished and has more color than the last draft. I’ll send it soon.

    But hey, I’m thinking about changing my character’s name, remember Caroline? I want to change it to some other names, not because I couldn’t say the name right, but it’s because I want a name that is more powerful and something else too, can you give me a list of it?

    I don’t know what Hil did on the show. Just tell me, dude!

  10. DID you block my mail? Don’t let me know that you block my mail because then I will squeeze your neck until you can no longer breathe!

    Was that too much? I know, i was just overreacting.

    Anyway, it’s good for you to change your character’s name because one of my character named Caroline too.

    Hil’s reaction was aldorably cute when she was with her sister and her sister acted like a tomboy. I don’t know why Hailey always feels the need to be stronger or it’s just her personality, but Hil surely does look cute. It’s hard to describe what did she do. I’m a bottom line writer, remember?

  11. sovathary Says:

    I think you need to do something about your email, I can receive any mail even the ones that I don’t want to get, how could I block yours? Come on, I didn’t do anything!!! And now I’m sending my first chapter again, it’s the latest version, I added some stuff, and well it took me a while because unlike a bottom line writer as you, I’m a perfectionist writer, dude! Oh, I start to really love my story now, the first draft was terrible, well it always is.

    You should send me that stuff about Hil, I’m so hungry of something interesting to see now. Can you ship me some of them?

    Oh, did you know what Angelina said in her interview of Salt! Well, she was asked, “Were you nervous to film with spider?” she said, “I like spiders, so I’m not that squeamish, I’ve eaten some in my days in Cambodia, so I don’t have a problem. But I didn’t eat the one in the film!” It made me laugh aloud.

    Oh, did you know she’s going to film in Cambodia again? This time, it’s about Cambodia epic history, it’s called, “The Great Khmer Empire” it’ll take three years to complete this movie. Hollywood has already proposed to the government. So well, we’ll cross our finger and hope to watch.

    There’s another thing, I just discovered that one of Angelina’s twin daughter’s name is Vivienne! What a coincident! I didn’t even know that until I read the above news about her. Wow, I thought I had picked the most unpopular name, dude.

  12. sovathary Says:

    PS: Check you email now to see if you get my stuff. I hope it’s there. And if it isn’t, you better change your address real quick!

  13. There are spiders in Salt? I didn’t notice that one. I’ve heard that Angelina was going to film in Cambodia again. In the film, she would be Soma and the guy would be Huntirn. Isn’t that funny? Always some foreigners care to shoot the film.

    You know what? I’ve watched War Inc. and it was so good! Hil was cute and funny. The film itself is violence , but funny in a way that make you rolle your eyes… Hil used the middle east accent to speak English…can you imagine that? She was cool and she did curse alot.

    I know it hurts your feelings to have known that She would curse, but only in her films. I guess that’s understandable…, right?

    You should send your mail to because I didn’t get your mail at all. And it’s not good because that might mean that somebody else is reading your 1st chapter right now. I guess this might be some technicall problems. Do not send your chapter through my gmail account yet. Just send some random words to check whether or not I get your mail. When you see my mail back to you then you can send your writing to me.

    You know just for a 10% safety that someone else will not publish your idea as their own story… not good…not good…

  14. sovathary Says:

    You know the first word that comes to me when you said someone else might have my first chapter is f*ck! Aloud. Luckily, no one’s around. I curse too, so Hilary definitely doesn’t hurt my feeling at all. Well, we have heard the news about Hollywood storming into Cambodia quite a lot, so let’s hope they won’t disappoint us.

    Well, I’ll send you a few words, and don’t worry, if someone has read my story, they might not come up the same plot for the next chapters as mine. But surely I’ll have to finish the story real quick, for my 10% safety. I’m starting out a new chapter now. So how about your story?

  15. sovathary Says:


    Did you know that Hilary wrote a book????? OH, her first novel book ever is out in the store! It’s called, “Elixir” and it comes in series!!!! Check this video

    Man, my pop princess wrote a book! I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it!

    Well, I hope I’ll get it someday.

  16. sovathary Says:

    Hey, dude, I know now you’re busy, but here I have a big dilemma about my character names.

    Which one do you think is better between Vivienne or Vivian or Vervain? Vervain is a flower that Damon and Stefen is scared of, but can it be a name for my character? Because I remember the last time you said, Vivienne needs more effort to pronounce. And it’s written in foreign name, but Vivian is in English, but pronounce the same way.

    The thing is I like the sound Vervain best, coz of the “ain” as in “end” is better than in “ienne” as in “een”. What do you think about that? Now you know why I have a fuss over names.

  17. sovathary Says:

    PS: Oh, until I can decide over this little name fuss will I send you my first chapter again. It’s important for me to make it perfect.

    Oh by the way, I’ve changed the name “Caroline” to “Jacqueline” how about it? I found the name from Anne’s Dairy, remember her friend “Jacque”? I just add the “line” into that name. Well, this one is just for the memory of Anne.

  18. While ‘Vivienne’ is not a good name unless a person make it beautiful, which is rare and Vervain is obviously not working because people will think of it as, “Oh, another vampire diary”,

    I think Vivian is better if you say it in an italian accent with three words. You know.. Anyway, don’t be shocked. Actually, even it’s the best sound out of the 3, when I first saw it, I thought of virgina… I know…it’s silly, but it makes sense I guess…Don’t be mad..

  19. Hey…Jacqueline sounds cool! Is she french? Remember, a cool name stands for a personality, probably a hard one to find…

  20. sovathary Says:

    Oh, so you prefer the name Vivian then? I’ve changed to Vivain, [not Vivian] for a while, just to get a feeling of it, but let see if I would change my mind back to Vivian, well, all my names are a little bit of a mouthful. And the point is, no English speaking people would read in Italian accent, unless you tell the readers that, ” Hey my character’s name shall be pronouced in Italian,” and then the next thing they do is they close your book.

    Of course, I don’t get mad, I laughed when you told me that. But until you told me I didn’t even know it’s resemble to Virgina, but dude, girls have that name too. So there’s nothing sexy about Virgina.

    Yes, I think you love Jacqueline too, it’s a great name, and the good thing is I can use “Jacque” for her shortcut name. Well, she has a strong personality, if you read the latter chapters of my book, you’ll get it.

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