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Stress, Drugs, & Addiction

Posted in Causes/Effects on September 3, 2010 by Meta

               This one is easy to guess what goes up in the whole page.

              Simple logical term that I am using here is stress leads to drugs, then addiction covers it.

             Is that all? In the bottom line, yes. That’s pretty much it. But in terms of detailed information, it’s too less to explain any one thing.

             First of all, stress is important to understand.

             What is stress anyway?

             Why is it always the problem for most people?

             In my subjective idea, stress is tension that is hard to get over it, nor get it over with. To make tension becomes stress is when you get to the point that you’re stuck with it in life. That’s not necessarily or entirely true. You can literally walk away from it, which means it’s not that heavy to lift if off of you back. But not figuratively because you actually believe you’re overwhelmed by it. It encompasses your head. Maybe shaving your head could be a good idea to release your stress or so you might think.

             You know what? It’s not all about your hair. It’s about what is the size of the tension that you put in your head. You might go crazy thinking your head can be exploded because the ample tension  is too much to handle. You  might start tapping your head moving your tension from your left brain to flood the right side, thinking it might flow out once in a while. Guess what? It’s never going to get anywhere out of your skull. It’s always there if you don’t have a solution to it.

             A solution can’t just be found when you wake up from your sleep, especially when your thoughts are paranoid because of the tension you’re having. So what do you do when your nightmares are getting worse and no one’s there to comfort you at night? What would you think of when your house is seized and your husband’s in prison? How to cope the stress when your mother is dying, your father is praying every night to god to take his wife off of his burden and your brother has gone missing? What’s there to do when you witness your family’s death after a robbery? Or how to smile after your only relative hanged himself in your beautiful house?

             Yeah, yeah, it’s not impossible to pull yourself together. But don’t you think it’s a little complicated to get the case solved and get your head clear?

             “Everything is possible if you just believe,”  or so people say. The thing is, what’s there to believe after all we’ve been through? The question surely does not pop out in your head a lot, but at some points, in some situations, this is all you could think of. Then what is important? What is it that really matters in your life? Is it your physical or your emotional safety? You’re confused and you can’t turn back the time. You can’t go back to normal, nor can you pretend nothing happened. You always see, hear, and feel what happened like you were standing in the right same spot and not moving an inch from the incident you have witnessed. You’d wish for a day or at least an hour, just an hour without all these feelings and tensions. You need a break.

             Who would you turn to then? Your friends? Your family? They’re all gone, remember? Or they’re still here, but it seems like they’re not where you come from. You can’t face the music with them. They don’t feel your pain. You might be afraid they will get your disease too or they will never understand you. So what? My statement comes up now. After a full page of writing here it is, you let drug shut you down in order to take a break for once in a life time then casually. Eventually, you’re it; you’re addicted. End of story.

             What? Not enough? Well, it’s not The End.

             It’s just the first episode.

             There’s more coming up. Don’t expect it’ll be too soon though.

             Thank You for Reading.