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A.D.D Can Lead You to Drug

Posted in Solutions on June 23, 2010 by Meta

               It’s been a while since I write again. Lately, I’ve been away from Internet, but now I’m back again. The topic today is connected to A.D.D which stands for Attention Deficit Disorder.

              Why A.D.D in a sudden?

              Well, I have discussed this with my best friend in Cambodia and I have found the connection between A.D.D and Drug. Interested yet? Or maybe it’s just another thing you already know? Hmm…I’d say try to read through it because it might help.

               What is A.D.D ? 

               Attention Deficit Disorder is a disorder that makes you restless, impulsive, inattentive, imaginative and also creative. (This is not my definition. I got it from my best friend and she might get it from somewhere else.)

              → If you’re not quite sure whether or not you have suffered from A.D.D, take a quick test and see how it goes.

              Here’s the link: 

              Don’t be panic if your test turns out to be a high score on A.D.D because me too, I got a very high score, as high as 102.

              First of all, A.D.D is not a bad thing in all terms. Some brilliant people have them too like Da Vinci. That’s what my friend told me about the book that she red recently. However, she told me, it can both make you bright and destroy you. It depends on how well you can control it. 

              I presume that people with A.D.D easily get bored and upset because there are not enough interesting things to do in a day. Well, I have been having the same problem too. 

              A lot of time, I try to do a lot of things at the same time and I still feel that there are not enough things that I’m supposed to do. Sometimes I always feel like I need to do more things while I still have free time and a moment with this or that. It comes to me like an obligation that I have to finish things at the same time and that is not easy sometimes.

              Nonetheless, I enjoy doing several things at the moment like watching a movie while downloading another movie with a book in my hand and also preparing my room and my clothes at the same time. I always think that I can do more and I should do more, which people around me find it nonsense. 

              A lot of people in Cambodia are not aware of A.D.D; some people don’t even know what it means or even what it stands for. They think it’s just personality and that maybe the people who usually get bored at anything are just because they are not yet getting used to what they are doing or where they are staying. Well, guess what? They don’t want to be like that either. It’s A.D.D! 

              My best friend told me that some people blame everything on A.D.D. Well, that’s not right either. If you have it, you need to control it either by yourself or by treatment.

              Some teens find it hard to focus or to control A.D.D and that pushes them to do drug in order to calm themselves, especially when you have A.D.D depression. Oh, Yes! A.D.D has its terms! Anyway, it makes you feel tempting all the time and drug can help you ease your mind for a moment. That’s why A.D.D is dangerous sometimes because it leads you to drug.

              So what should you do to control it without doing drug?

              Well, naturally, you can do a lot of things at a time like your brain always command you and when you get sick of doing a lot of things and having stupid results, you can learn to concentrate – ZEN

              How to ZEN when you are hyperactive?

              It’s not without effort. The first time you try it, it sucks. Of course, it’s not easy because your mind is not here for you to feel your breath and when you loose track of sensing your breath, you’re not concentrating.

              It takes time to do it correctly. You have to focus on breathing in and out, try to feel things around you, hear voices you can hear, and keep your eyes closed with your knees bent. If you feel things according to your mind wondering, or feel things that are far away that allow you to feel, try to pull your mind back to where you sit and feel the breath you breathe. Well, eventually, you will get it right and it will work like a charm. The one thing that it does to you is it makes you calm.

              I know it’s hard, but I have it too so I’m telling you and me to be patient and try to control it for our days to get better as we move along. WELL, let see how it goes together. I’m trying to fight it too!

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