Dear Kaylynn, I’m Happy to be Your Listener

This post is dedicated to a 16 year-old teenager, Kaylynn.


PS: Your e-mail is not accessible and that’s the reason why I post this letter twice just to let you read it.


24 Responses to “Dear Kaylynn, I’m Happy to be Your Listener”

  1. sovathary Says:

    You’re a nobody expert! It’s a very good reading, I can’t imagine such a thoughtful writing like you did. I used to identify myself as a nobody too, but for some reasons, I think nobody is no longer described me, I meant how can you be, when you want to hide from the world and then end up knowing a lot of people who always want to drag you out, and you can’t even keeping yourself to yourself anymore?

  2. Sometime when you use to be a “nobody” type, you know how it feels. That’s the secret of my writing. A lot of times, I have to take on be someone that I want to write about so that my writing won’t hurt the truth about the person.

    Yeah, you’re right. You can’t be a “nobody” type, not for now. I mean you’re fun and easy to be with. Who doesn’t want to drag you out and have fun?

  3. Sovathary Says:

    Thank for reminding me that i’m easy to be with, and i dont forget that i’m also hard to with too. You know, sometime your words cut right to the truth even in simple sense. That’s what i admire bout you,dude!

  4. Sometime when I say things that “cut right to the truth,” not because I’m wit, but because I have no other clue to say it.

    Well, when have you become hard to be with? How?

  5. sovathary Says:

    I thought it was you who told me that I’m hard to be with. And it’s kind of true, because most of my friends say I know a lot about them, but they know almost nothing about me. Well, go figure.

    Btw, I can write comment on your blog through my phone heuy, it’s so cool, except that it costs money!

  6. Hard to know who you really are doesn’t mean that you are hard to be with. I think when they stop trying to figure you out who you are, they know you better.

    You’ve had internet in your phone? Wow, that’s so cool. I think I’m gonna do that too when I’m there so that I can chech e-mail without going out of my precious home.

  7. sovathary Says:

    Well, yeah the phrase ‘hard to be with’ means hard to be with, not hard to know. My bad, it’s a wrong conclusion. Anyway, how have you been so far? I dreamed about you last night. Man, even in the dream you made me crack up until I woke up!

    Tell you one thing, I haven’t watched New Moon yet. It’s not good time to enjoy stuff you like when everything is such a mess. Hey, how the food in your cafeteria? I heard that the country’s government cut off some food supply. Will you eat egg, bacon and toast instead?

  8. Well, the food is always eggs, mate. BEfore or now is the same – which basically means eggs, toast and banana every morning, several times of curry eggs for lunch and dinner and curry every other times . So now, curry and eggs are my perfect enemy.

    Tell you what, I’m trying to get you some books, but I don’t know if you like them or not. I’ll bring an article called “if Hitler asked You to Electrocute a Stranger, WOULD YOU?” Interesting te? I guess you should be because I am.

    Do you like a diary of a woman loosing her husband and a son in a war? She’s kinda detached. If you wanna try it, I’ll bring it to you. But it’s a photocopy version. I have the “God of Small things” too. Sounds okay with you?

  9. sovathary Says:

    If Hitler asked You to Electrocute a Stranger, WOULD YOU?” Man, this book title is shocking. Man, I would NEVER electrocute a stranger, even Hitler rose out of his grave to ask me, I would rather electrocute my best friend instead.

    Bring all you can get to me, dude, I don’t mind your lack of space for those books. I also have a bunch of good books to loan to you, just loan, not giveaway…you know me.

    I’m surprised that you don’t flunk any class while eating so many bad omen stuff such those egg! Well, kidding. Egg is good, it’s the source of protein, and you don’t consume too much fate from other food and you save the world’s food supply too.

  10. Well, first of all, you wouldn’t know what you would do unless you’ve read the article. It’s all make sense to me now about how a person would do what another thought he would not. Communication is the key. They walk the talk and that’s how they get people on their feet to work for them drastically.

    I know how you share your books – no need to remind me. I’ll bring what I can. Oh, do you want the University’s dictionary? It’s heavy and big. I’ll bring you if you want.

    Oh dude, I do miss some classes because of diarrhea, headache, stomachache, vomitting, exhaution and laziness, mate. This food is killing me, and I don’t know why I’m still alive.

  11. sovathary Says:

    Whoa, I have got enough of dictionaries. That’s okay, I rarely depend on dictionary these days, not that I’m good at vocabs, but I’m just too lazy to check even in my so-called advance-something-dictionary. Just bring only entertaining books or some weird ones to me.

    Well, I know how Hitler did to his comrades, just using his tongue could kill a thousand each day. I read here and there about Hitler too, and even some from Khmer rough, so I’m quite aware that communication is the key.

    Oh yeah, I was about to tell you that I’m so impressed you can withstand it. You should write a letter of complain, if they’re going to keep you for 6 years, they should keep your well-being too. You guys went through a proper procedure of examination to get that trusty scholarship, and hoping for a better education, but not to torture yourselves both mentally and physically as prisoners in a far away land. I’m sure Bill Gate wouldn’t approve of this if he knows. Do something, man! Just a letter wouldn’t hurt.

  12. A letter wouldn’t hurt of course, but it would take out my scholarship.
    Well, I don’t really care about that since I’ve got bad marks every day now and then. You know, there are a lot of students who write those letters and there are a lot of surveys concerning this particular problems and they always say, “We’ll see what we can do.”

    That’s it. That’s the end of the story. Now I’m going to see what they can do about this. Anyway, Bill Gates doesn’t have anything to do with this because he’s not the big sponsor here. Someone else is. I’ll tell you about it if you want to know more.

    Sure, sure, I won’t bring the dictionary for you. I’ll try to think of something less complicated then.

  13. sovathary Says:

    Hey, how is your book writhing so far? Can I hope it the next time you visit me?

  14. sovathary Says:

    Can I ask you one thing? How you did with the letter’s layout in your post. It looks classic! I want that too, but my blog is suck at posting large size stuff.

  15. Ha-ha, not a chance. I feel like the book is too classic. I’m busy with my nonesense job so I left the book unwritten for the most part. I’m thinking of finishing it during my vacation.

    Oh…that’s thingy? Classic is nice, right? Well, I just googled it. If you want me to send that to you, tell me.

  16. Sovathary Says:

    Good, I tell you, send it to me!

    Yes, classic is nice, are you pretending that you don’t know it? I’m thinking about writing my book at the very free time I have, no matter when.

    I just found out that writing in a total different thing while you’re supposed to do another,helps. Example like when you have to write 5 pages of Politics, and then in the middle of it, you stuck, it’s a time to get into your story writing for a while and when you stuck at it too, you return to your work. I promise you’ll get a new round of ideas to write in your Politics paper.

    Well, I don’t know if it apply to you, but sometime, I just do that.

  17. I’ve sent you the classy.

    Most of the time, the stories are in my head. Sometimes those stories come out differently, but the thing is most of the time I’m too lazy to let it out so it stucks there in my head.

  18. sovathary Says:

    I guess, it takes you forever to get the story out then. Sigh*

    Thank for the classy. I start a new term now. Hey what are you studying these days? What year/major are you in?

  19. I’m studying liberal art and I’m still a freshman. Sigh**

    Man, I guess when I’m graduate, I’d be 87 years old – older than the oldest woman who has graduated lately in this whole world.

    It sucks…

  20. sovathary Says:

    Me too, I’ve just left my freshmen year. There’s many courses in my school to complete.

    Are you studying only one subject? Liberal art sounds cool. I wish I could learn something like that.

  21. Yeah, liberal sounds good, but literally is a pain in the ass, mate.
    It’s what you’re learning too. You know the science, math, social science and humanities. Your school probably has more, but it’s pretty much the same.

  22. Sovathary Says:

    I started my third chapter of my book now. There’s a million things to edit, the prose and stuff are crazy. But I hope I can finish what I have started.

    How about u? It’s Khmer New Year here. I hope to hear from ur arrival soon.

  23. IT’s sooner than you’d think, but I’m stressed out here.
    I have to redo a lot of assignments because those were failed.
    I wish I could be smarter, mate, like my brother for example, he never fails and he always get the highest grade! JESUS!

    Who should I blame for this? MY parents? For the fact that they only past the high IQ to my brother?

  24. sovathary Says:

    I think it happens to me too.

    I wish I was smarter, but not like my bros. I wish I could be like my dad or my mom, because they both keep telling me how stupid I am.

    Anyway, on my part I’m so excited to hear that it would be sooner, but your part might be different. What did you fail in? You know the subjects that I was sure I was going to fail turned out to be the subject I got the highest grade. And it made me think it’s just “Kharmoch oy!”.

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