Drug is Life in Death

            People do drug because of a very simple reason. They cannot resist their lives.

            Life is hard. Life is cruel. Life is boring. Life is unbelievably ironic. So they do drug. Once they’ve tasted it, they want another shot and another and another. Consequently, they become addicts. Most addicts close their eyes when they are high so that they would feel satisfaction, for a little while. But when they start to open their eyes, they might not recognize their own selves, not their faces, their bodies, or even their eyes.

            Now this might be their turning point – seeing themselves and not be able to know who they are anymore. It can lead to three different basic outcomes. First outcome, they freak out, but then they adapt to it → so they continue doing what they are doing. Second outcome, they are ashamed of whom they’ve become; it makes them even more depressed of their lives → so they do it more, just to get over it. Now the third one is very interesting. It makes them hate themselves of being addicts; they realize that drug is the enemy → so they fight it.

            If addicts are in the first and the second categories, they are likely to be criminals to their societies, their families, friends and lovers, and themselves. How?

  • Criminals to the societies: 

      →   Criminals to the societies have two types: theoretical and practical.

  1. Drug is illegal so if you do it, you’ve proved yourselves theoretical criminals.
  2. Doing drugs sometimes involved crimes and violations such as stealing, robbing or ganging up to get drug.
  • Criminals to the families, friends and lovers:

      →   Becoming addicts is taking away the real you. You become damaged goods. Nobody wants you. Even if they still want you, you ban their invitation into your little dirty world. You just blow them away. They cannot be with you and you’re alone with your hands raise high and you keep raising them ignoring the voice of love calling for the real you to come back inside the body of the addict. You’re violated the ones they love and so you’re criminals to them.

  • Criminals to yourselves:

      →  Literally, you torture, hypnotize, and slowly kill yourselves, the conscious, funny, and lovely you.

             In another word, becoming addicts is destroying you. Don’t even think of your future because your present is muted by drug. If someone asks an addict, what do you see yourself in 10 years? Possibly, the answer could be, “I hope I’ll be clean so that I can come back to my normal life, my family and my job.” In fact, it’s not future in 10 years, it’s just a hope. It might or it might not come true, but just keep hopping. It’s good though because otherwise, you’ll never have a real future. You can say that hope is a bridge to your future. However, if you don’t stop, you are most likely in a position of devastating your hope, future and yourselves. In short, you can understand that you’re murdering yourselves slowly or quickly depend on how much drug you take.  

              Indeed, doing drug is killing yourselves. Worst than worst, drug makes you live in death. You’re a dead soul. Eventually, you’ll realize it and you don’t want that to happen to you.

              Face it, you never going to make your lives better by killing yourselves. Don’t say you’re fed up with your painful live so that you just want to end it because there is some part of you wants it to be better and alive. You want a better life for you, your family, friends, and society. You never want to end it this way. You think you can’t seek a way to make it better. Why? Because you’re tired. You want to let go and give it all up.

               If you think you do this because you hate yourselves, you’re wrong. People don’t buy it. The truth is you do this because you love yourselves too much that you don’t want to spend 100% energy to handle the problems. The truth is if you really hate yourselves, then fight it. Make it suffer, try harder, don’t give up just beat yourselves up! Show the world that you really hate your depressing lives and that the reason why you don’t kill yourselves is because you’re not choosing the easy way

               If you believe it, it’s true for you. Even if you don’t believe it, don’t do drug.


12 Responses to “Drug is Life in Death”

  1. Life is short and nasty. It’s been proved a million years ago, no doubt, people say it today. How’s everything there? I’m waiting for ur return. Miss u much…

  2. Is that a compliment or are you saying that it’s bullshit talky I’ve put here.
    Anyway, I’ll be back soon before my funeral starts. See ya…

  3. Why u always think of my comment as nasty? I meant well, dude. Are u in a bad mood from somewhere or what?

    I’ll bring a cup of rice to ur funeral, don’t worry. See ya…

  4. Na, I was just messing around with you. I think you are the one who is in a bad mood somewhere (from the wedding maybe).

    A cup of rice to MY funeral? What year is this? 1804 or something? I need music in my funeral, dude – just bring me some DVD movies and a bracelet.

  5. Hahahha U’re so wrong, the wedding has nothing to do with my mood, and nothing else does too. Maybe I sounded too vigorous, because that sentence I used is based on the Philosophy lesson I’d learned, all the philosophers sounds serious maybe I got infected. Sorry about that, I meant well, no spoiled-mood.

    Hey, why u like to play with ur death so much, I started to wonder u’re suicidal again! Well, okay, u’ll deny that I get the message wrong. I know I know, it’s not that u’re suicidal, it’s just the way we talk to each other. But it’s not healthy for our mind to use or repeat the words funeral or death, whatsoever, be positive. Scientists say by talking positive to ourselves, everything else will be so!

    I have to watch how ur parents will react when I go to ur funeral with load of DVD movies! hahahaha

  6. You can’t be suicidal everyday because then you’d die, right?
    Well, people change, you know. No one is always suicidal. I’m not, for now. I’m thinking of going for the Grand Tour.

    Why do I like to play death? Because it’s funny I guess. Have you seen the movie vampire last version? It’s kind of good. The characters are kind of young, but it’s good.

    Now I feel like an old lady whenever I look at a 20 year-old boy. I think my youth is over. What do you think about yours?

  7. sovathary Says:

    See, you always talk about death and dying.

    Okay, never mind about that, I don’t think you’re suicidal too, it’s just the flash back version, but that’s so over now.

    You told me about younger boys or boys your age and how you don’t find them attractive, I guess you just don’t see your type yet. I meant the other jigsaw piece that can complete you, but whoever, it’s good for you not to be distracted with guys. I got distracted with a guy in my school too, he used to be my classmate, and he’s supercute, but most of my friends said, he’s like a gay! If it’s true, I’m still happily in love with a gay man.

  8. I guess you’re right, but I think I really feel matured when my social science professor that my eyes are tensed and I look 24 to her. Dude, even her says that. I guess you’d understand.

    A gay man? Doesn’t like your type, but it’s okay. I guess it’s just your complito, right? Keep it up!

  9. sovathary Says:

    Well, it’s just a matter of time. Maybe when you come back, I might not recognize you as my best friend. Now 20 or 24 is not a difference anymore, like me as an example! But I look older too, some ppl started to call me bong bong, and I started to call myself bong and others “oun oun” hahaha, I never knew it’s really fun to say all those words.

    Keep what up? Loving a gay man? He’s like a million light year away! He’s too good to be true, cute, smart, and gorgeous, at least to me. He’s not gay, he just acts goody-goody like a girlie man. I love that, his English accent makes me want to kiss him! Gosh, why did I tell you all of this?

    Whatever, I’m waiting forward to see you again.

  10. Whatever you say, man.
    I think it’s good that everyone thinks that you can be aging, you know.
    I never think that though.
    For me, for real, I’m old and all the new Cambodian students here call me “Bong Meta!”
    So? Not bad, huh?

    Well, I’m just saying. If you don’t like all gay men, it’s okay for me to say since you like THE gay man, right? Oh my bad, he’s just cute, right? Not gay…

    You want to see my oldy-mama me? You’ll see that woman soon enough, dude. Don’t freak out veuy!

  11. sovathary Says:

    Sorry, mate! I’m so busy these, hardly have time to reply your jerky-idea-of-how-old-you-feel comment.

    Well, it’s March, so when you’re going to fly out of the cage once again?
    Another thing, my man is not gay, repeat it or I’ll kick your butt!

  12. I understand. I’m kind of busy too.
    I’ll tell you when I know about my arrival.

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