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Connection, Conversation, and Inspiration

Posted in Solutions on November 28, 2009 by Meta

               When you experienced your problems, you want to give up everything you’ve started – but if you step back and take a look at what you’ve done so far, you would say why can’t you just walk through it? For all the things you have done, why stop it now?

              “BUT”! When you come across a problem, do you have time or feeling or sense to step back and think objectively about your case? No, not all of us can do that, and that’s why we need counseling, we need to let it out – the problems have to be out to be evaluated objectively by others, confidentially (if you like it that way.)

                Telling somebody your own problem does not mean that you’re not as intelligent as your counselor or you cannot deal with your own problems. It does not mean that you’re weak. It means just the opposite. You need to address your problems in order to let everyone else learns from your case and it could help them in some ways in the future.

               People are connected. We need connection, conversation, and inspiration.

                I’ve been thinking of how to be connected with the people like me – to get to know more of them, more of their problems, to get to know that I am not alone. Now I realize that it is time for people of my kind to welcome to my life!

               Before you decided to pull the trigger or attempt to hurt yourself, just e-mail me – tell me your problems. I am not saying that I will definitely save your souls, I am not that special. I just want to know you and your problems and I will decide later what I will say to you.


A Confession of a Daughter

Posted in Drug in Cambodia on November 8, 2009 by Meta

A Coffession of a DaughterA Coffession of a Daughter 2

This is a true story written by one of my friends, Mixsell. 

Edited by Ney Sométa.