Once the Sun Wouldn’t Shine, Just Walk Through the Dark for a Day

                My teacher said, “Sometimes things get blurred in front of us, but they get clearer in the future”. If you read some books about people’s lives, you’ll see, my teacher is right about what she said.

               Sometimes, we don’t know what we are doing, we don’t know whether these things we spend time with are worth doing, but time will help you to explain what these things you are doing mean to you. You just need to stay strong and conscious for it, time, to give you the strength to figure out.

               Do not give up your soberness! Be healthy with your body, mind, heart and soul. Everything is possible. My other teacher said that “problems are to be solved. They are a part of our lives; without them, we lost that part of our lives.

               My new friend said she used to take a whole bottle of pills, but she said she was okay, at that time. There was no bubble coming out of her mouth like in the movie or like what she thought it would have happened. However, from then, she felt like her body was weaker than before. She is now more vulnerable than before, physically. Nevertheless, it taught her a lesson. She said, “After I took them, I started to realize that there is always a solution to a problem.

              Now if I didn’t know her past, I’d think that she’s the happiest girl among all the girls I know.


Re-socialize Yourselves!


              (Anyway, the point of this post is for some teenagers who really hate their lives or everyone around them to find another way to live through their days.)

              Sometimes I agree with what Jan Burke said in the video clip of The Day the Universe Changed that “all that matters about this life is getting ready for the next one.

              Really, some people do not care about what they have for now; they are only worried about what they are going to have. Sometimes people think they never had what they wanted and they never have what they want. Some people are waiting for people around them to make them feel better or to give them what they want, and some people just want to get away from where they are. They’d scream, “Please, would somebody take me away from this pain.”

              Sometimes people want to go back to their past and start things all over again. They think it’d be better if they had another chance. For this point, it reminds me of the 17 Again movie, the idea that people think they should better do this or that instead if they had a chance to go back to the start. That’s never going to happen. Wake up, people! If you always wake up in the morning regretting what you have done, you’ll never be okay; besides, what’s the point to be upset all the time?

             Life sucks; everyone knows that, but you’ve got to have faith in what you’re doing and what you decide to do. If you make a mistake and you wish to go back to change it, you’re mistaken because the truth is you would make the same mistake again. That’s just because you are you, you always make your own mistakes. You can’t change what you’ve done, but you can always improve yourself.

            If you can’t handle the truth now, you never can because from day-to-day, things get harder. It’d never be better or easier. Drugs, alcohol, and sleeping pills can always cheat your current situation for a while. They make up illusionary scenes for you. They’d take you to the world you thought there’d be no frustration that the real world gives to you. That’s the idea you shouldn’t have had.

            Some people believe that drugs, alcohol, and sleeping pills would never lie. If you one of those people, you’re lying to yourself. Living with those things is worse than living a day without the sunlight because you’re living a lie. Therefore, you should reconsider how to live your life without those things.

            Once the sun wouldn’t shine, just walk through the dark for a day and you’ll find out you’re still breathing. Once you can do it, you survive the pain! That’s the best part of how to re-instal ways to live your live — re-socialize yourselves.


9 Responses to “Once the Sun Wouldn’t Shine, Just Walk Through the Dark for a Day”

  1. Sovathary Says:

    I don’t want to talk about ur posts anymore, since they have always been perfect and no need the cheesy comments.

    The picture of both u and the books would be nice. And some of ur Cambo or Bangla friends if u like. I’d love it all. U seem to forget how to take a picture with sensation or feeling lately. I don’t have any of mine, though.

    Btw, I almost forget to tell u, the swe-eet stuff in my DVD is there, I only didn’t know where to click it, ahahahah. Wow, I love it, I watched twice and laughed about their conver. It’s funny, and they’re real cute in real life.

  2. Hah! Really? I’d take that as a compliment comment.

    I’ll try to find you some pictures. Well, you noticed it, ain’t cha? I don’t really feel like photographing anymore, for now. It’s been a crazy time, and nothing is good looking enough for capturing. Things change. That’s all that matter.

    Good God! You got it, now! See how the heck I reacted like nut when I just told you what they were like in reality? They are swe-eet, man! If you’ve got sometimes to see them in interview through youtube or some other web, you’d breatheless.

  3. Sovathary Says:

    Sounds like today u’re in a good mood, bud!

    At my school there is no website that could exist with download free, mate! They’re damn tight budget! Stingy ass!

    And I don’t have much to visit pay internet too. That’s okay, I can read about them though. I’ll wait to get ur pictures. I want to see how u’re doing there with ur friends.

    Btw, I’m going to get Eclipse for 20% off from my fan blog. She works in that bookstore, and she said now Eclipse is on sale! Whoop! Gotta grab one quick….heheheh

  4. What? The girl is working in a book store? What a jack pot you got, man! Nice work. I’d give you low-five if you’re at my face right now.

    I’m thinking of asking my bro to send me the French series of Twilight Saga to me. How do you think? I don’t know if he could find that. You know, even if you’re in France, doesn’t mean that you can find french copies. Espescially for my bro. You know, the guy is not really into books.

    Anyway, I’ll ask for them, and let’s see if he can get them. Yeah, I know how slow the internet is in there. One of my teacher is there, and she complains about the slowness of the Internet, but she appreciates how Coffee can make her play it for free. She’s asking us where to cut her clothes. You know, she complains how Cambodian sizes are too small for her.

  5. Sovathary Says:

    Really? U really want to read’em in French, how classic! Well, use whatever power of language u have, u’re a genius in that, right?

    That friend I’d just met, she likes reading my blog, and we study in the same school, so she wanted to me, and we did after u were gone. Not the one we met together, this one is different. I didn’t know why I always meet people who can help me with getting books. I don’t want to take time for granted, but they themselves just insist on helping. That’s why I love people, dude!

    Well, hope ur lovely bro could get u those books. Guys are dependable sometime, don’t forget that!

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  7. What the hell are you saying? NON-english or native-english writer can write at the same lengt and speed, dude. It’s just the matter of grammar and vocab.

    I went to a creative writing workshop once, and my teacher said that we could write a novel in a month, 50,000 words. IF you devide it up then it would be 1,666 words per day. Just write, you know, you can always revise it later and it will make it better!

    About my novel, I’ll tell you in my next post, mate.

  8. Sovathary Says:

    I hope you are right about that! It’s just the matter of grammar and vocab, or it’s just the matter of 1,666 words per day. I got it!

    Well, don’t be too long, I’m eager to know about your book detail. Okay! After we finish we could share our books. Hey, would you like to read it in hard copy or u want me to send to you in soft copy?

  9. Sovathary Says:

    Send you on post-mail?

    Just you dream! I didn’t even know how to receive post-mail properly, how could I be able to send it?

    Well, I knew you’re gonna ask me this, but I meant, if you want to read in hard copy, u’ll have to wait until you graduate and come here to take it. And if you want in soft, I’ll send u via mail, that’s it!

    Since you seemed to know more tips about writing novel than I do, can you tell me a few?

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