“Living. Dying. Run.”

I Wish The Sun Wouldn't Shine

             This is one of the short stories I’ve written for my Zines. My friends said they love them. I am proud to have written them. Thanks to my writing mentor, my writing pusher, and my editor. I’d never loved my writing until they said they loved it.Sunny


             Picture’s InFO: Sunny Cover

             Anyway, I was in a book store. I saw a book; it looked like a French Carnival girl to me, but the three words, Living. Dying. Run, on the cover pushed me to pick it up. I opened the book and read the first day of Sunny – The California Diaries by Ann. M. Martin.



Living. Dying.Run.

No further question to myself. I just bought it.


             It’s not relevant to think that it’s better to feel like I’m not the only one who feels worse about my life. Wouldn’t it be better to know there’s someone else who is suffering the same pain as yours? As I said, it’s not a good idea, it’s selfish, but having someone understand what you’re feeling is just the right medicine for your pain to heal.

             I write a lot of dark stories which connected to my feelings. Even though the book is a fiction, it shows me the real pain of the character, and I felt better after reading it.

             One of my friends who used to be an addict said that he did it because he couldn’t handle his depression. It seemed to him that everybody else was having a better life.

              My goody-goody friend who is a suicidal asked herself why wouldn’t she have a normal life and make normal mistakes like others.

             A lot of teens would feel the same way about these points. They may ask the same questions, “why wouldn’t anybody understand me?”, “why can’t I be okay like others?

             Maybe, reading books, listening to music, or watching movies can make you feel better; they give you inspiration. Do not say that your life is not a movie because some parts of the books, music, or movies are about your life. These are the expression of how people feel or what people would do. These things are made to communicate with you; they are made to be connected with you so that you’d like them and you get good and bad experiences from them.

             Most of them are made to inspire you, to make you think of your life better in many ways. People are not the same, and that’s the reason why these books, music, movies, or paintings are created differently to match each of your interest –  to inspire you, to make you feel better.

             One thing that I always tell myself when I’m stressed out is “if you’re lost, go find inspiration to find your way.” Then I read books, listen to music, watching movies, or look at some paintings to find myself the connection that I need to build my soul.

             Stay off drugs, fellows. Think of a better way to live in the real world.


4 Responses to ““Living. Dying. Run.””

  1. I know someone that traded an hour of her pain with her lifetime, and she was not stupid; but she died. She was desperate. I know you won’t. I’ll quit suicidal topic in a few weeks. No worries about that.

    Something needs to be brought up to date, right. No suicidal topic for a lifetime because then I’ll end up killing you…he-he

  2. Sovathary Says:

    -Suicide is a traitor! It robs people blind from being conscious, I didn’t know it until I took a visit in the dark side. And great, I knew it was a traitor from the start. So I step back into my bright and shake my head, feeling sorry for those who got their life robbed and succeed.
    And the girl u introduce, I think it’s her choice rather than her bad luck. She wasn’t stupid, of course. But still good people with great mind are unaware of traitor, esp the traitor in themselves. Forget it, dude! Suicide is not my type!

  3. Meta. Keep writing. I will never stop loving the words you put together.

  4. Thank you very much, that must be a good start when a new commenter showed up!

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