Drugs Make Your Life Become the Meaning of One Word – RUINED

             Reading Mr. James Frey’s work is surprising. The book came to me from nowhere, and it ended up in front of me. So I read it.A million-little-pieces

Image’s Info: A Million Little Pieces

             A Million Little Pieces is a scary book to be related to the author’s situation. I made many stupid faces while reading it. It was a good book for addicts and sobers. Although some parts of it are exaggerated a bit or a lot, the book does show how it feels to be an addict. People say, “It’s easy said than done.” Knowing something is difficult is not the same thing as feeling something is difficult.

             He, Mr. Frey, proves that this saying is true enough. One more thing is that, “Prevention is better than cured.” Through his book, A Million Little Pieces, he shows how damaged a person at his age could be done to himself. He shows how being an addict destroys everything he used to have.

             Drug & Alcohol give you intrepid feelings. It makes you think of nothing but being full of confident to destroy and kill. After a while, when you’re addicted, you’re scared of everything around you more than you ever feel. It makes you scared to be yourself, and it makes you feel like you’ve got to shoot drug to calm yourself down. It makes you feel whatever you don’t want to feel, but whatever you body wants to feel.You can’t stay sober because you’re scared of being off drug. You tell yourself you just can’t because without it your heart beat faster, you’re out of breath.

             Even if you’re clean, you still think of doing it again everytime, no matter while you’re asleep or awake. At least a year or two after you quit, you start to feel like you can survive without it again. Therefore, you should understand that drug is not what you want because what it gives you is whatever you don’t want to get.

             You can actually ignore your problems when you’re high, but don’t forget that those problems of yours are still there for you. They are never going to be solved because of the fact that you are ignoring them. They won’t go away unless you face them, fight them off your back, and put them out of your face.

             Doing drug is just to make your life worse. When life is everything you want it to be, don’t let drug makes your life become the meaning of one word, which is RUINED.


6 Responses to “Drugs Make Your Life Become the Meaning of One Word – RUINED”

  1. I have read one book that I wish you could have a chance to read it before you were gone. I just bought it from a used bookstore Boston Company, where I tried to ask for a copy of New Moon. It’s not about drug addict like A million Little Pieces. But it’s about child abuse. I think whoever that read this book their life would never be the same again. I don’t say it’s better than ur book, but it’s sure a mind-blowing!

  2. Boston Company? What about it? I’ve never heard of that one in Cambodia.

    I’m sure gonna read it if you give to me to read, but since you keep it to yourself. Well…what do I have to say? He-he…just kidding. You can tell me the title though.

  3. Boston bookstore is a newly opened company that sells used books as well as originals. I didn’t have a chance to go to the main one yet, they sell in booth outside like the one we used to buy, that’s why I couldn’t get New Moon. Anyway, I’ll talk about my book, if I remember to. You’ll see how it effects me.

  4. Ya…that sounds not bad at all. Tell me if you get the New Moon, okay? And your book too.

  5. PS: I couldn’t stop myself from writing my first novel! Anyway, don’t wait to read it in a month or two, I might finish my book in years, dude!

  6. It’s good to hear that you couldn’t stop writing because if you stop, I’ll kill you. You know how long I’ve been waiting to read it? Do NOT STOP, or I’ll kill you, for sure.

    See ya book, dude.

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