Vegetable and Meat Moments

            Do NOT let drugs shut your brain and your heart down.

            Try to be positive for your life and what you are living for. Today, I’ve got an example about living in good and bad moments of life.

Image’s Info: BBQ

             Well, let start with this one: Life is like a plate full of meat and vegetable. For me, Vegetable looks fresh, but Meat tastes good. This definition is only for some people like me, the type of people who like meat and hate eating vegetables.

            My parents always told me to finish the food before I cleaned the plate. Most of the time, I demanded not to eat vegetables because it tasted funny to me. Plus, I felt miserable everytime I ate it. However, my mom told me that it was good for health; it could help me to keep living in a good condition.Yuck 

            Life is somehow like that. When nothing makes sense, you get confused, and you can’t see if there’s any meat left for the rest of your life. Vegetable, there are always vegetable moments to experience again and again. So, you want to quit tasting bad things when you think you can’t handle them anymore.

Photo’s Infor: Yuck Vegetables

             It’s not what you need to do. Everything has both sides. You don’t like a vegetable life, but you will get a disease if you eat too much meat. That’s the reason why you need vegetables for your body to balance.

            Just like your life, literally. You can’t just laugh 24/7. You’ll be crazy since there’s nothing to worry about. You’ll be confused when life is easy. You’ll be overwhelming when life is just another moment to be laughing. Therefore, people like me should be open and positive to vegetable moments. (Ah… that’s what I hate the most about food, but that’s what makes the meat become more delicious to me.)

Eating VegetableImage’s Info: Eating Vegetables

            What I’m trying to say is we should be open to our problems to be stronger; we should be open to sadness to be able to laugh harder. You know what, when you know nothing about sadness, you don’t know when you’re supposed to be happy. If you’ve never been in the darkness, you wouldn’t know what the meaning of sunlight is.

            One more thing for the type people like me: eat both meat and vegetable, literally and figuratively. Remember to finish the food before you clean the plate.” Don’t forget to enjoy every bite of your food. Don’t waste it and don’t quit eating.

            Stay sober, be stronger, and don’t forget to laugh harder because that’s what life is worth living for.


6 Responses to “Vegetable and Meat Moments”

  1. Ha!
    Food for mood? Watch me! I’m a number one health food nuts who believe in food make immorality. Okay, just long live actually.

    But it’s not like what u said I always eat “num” as u always see me. Heheheh.

  2. Yo, dude! I know you like to be healthy, but I like to taste good food.

    I don’t know. Some people love eating vegetables. Some have never eaten meat since their births. Dude, I’m not even one of them. Lucky you have the gut to love it.

    I think I gotta need to learn to like it. AH—Hard!

  3. Well, who doesn’t like to taste good food anyway? Yes, some ppl live on tofu and if u care to believe me, there also some who live depend on air, just air!

    Hey, I started writing my first book already. I meant a story!
    But I don’t know whether it’s interesting enough. But don’t worry, u still the first one to read my book without vomit sick. Promise?

  4. I might have believed that some people live on tofu, but it might be difficult for me to believe that some people live on air. That’s very odd and you know that. I don’t know, mate. It’s just that my instinct doesn’t really tell me it is what it should be.

    Anyway, good luck with your book, I mean your story. I’m sure gonna love reading your story since you’ve never give me one to read. I’ll be sure to stop whatever bad food to come out of my mouth while reading. I’m good at that, believe me. He-he…

  5. A’couse! It’s weird and I should have told u earlier that ppl who live on air is just a myth!

    Well, it’s kind of itchy if I didn’t tell u about my first book, it’s a long story, like a novel or stuff like that. But I use first person’s version, like “I” but it’s not actually about me. It’s just my imagination, so hold ur breath! Don’t waste ur yucky food there, ok?

  6. Ha! That’s what I thought. What? Human live on air? Good that you said it’s a myth; otherwise, you’re not alright, dude.

    I’m sure gonna save som’ of em for your story. NO worries, mate. I’ll try my best to read it. It’s yours, right? He-he…

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