Go For It!

             My previous post is pretty much about depression. We all know what it is and how it affects us. Now I’ve got something for all the depressed people to think of live positively. Well, at least the book helps you to not think of yourself as a big Loser in the world. Read GO FOR IT! By Dr. Irene C. Kassorla. It’s about how to win at love, work, and play how to think of your life differently. She’s a psychologist, and she knows how to give advice.

             Some people might not agree to read something bright or positive. Trust me; I know how it feels to be depressed. I used to be a very negative person. Everything that I thought or saw was dark and death. It was pretty much sad and it sucked, but things change, people change. Time can heal your brain after all, and it will make you think of something you should do to brighten yourself instead of just being in the darkness in order to make everyone else feels guilty about you living in the shadow.

             Now let’s read it!


8 Responses to “Go For It!”

  1. How?

  2. Go For It is meant for you to Go Find It, mate! Yeah, I kind of didn’t think about that stuff, sorry. But hey! You’ve got the internet, you can probably find it, and buy it.

    I can’t capture it all to post because I don’t have the permission from the author. If you want to read the book, you need to give the author her credit – you need to buy it from somewhere. I know it’s hard for you to find it in Cambodia, but that’s what exciting about reading. You need to fight for it, ha ha…

    Anyway, I’m reading New Moon. God, I love it. He-he…

  3. Heck! I’m jealous. Yeah, I’ve been reading New Moon too, but only in Wannnabe. Hey, you actually printed it out? Dog, I’m going to beat u later.
    Thank for the Go for it info. Look like money can grow on the tree for me to buy it then. I guess, I’ll check out some famous bookstores in PP.

  4. You don’t have to check out the famous ones, check the ones we used to go together ‘coz I got it from there.

    Oh, New Moon, New Moon, New Moon…It’s good to just say it. He-he…

  5. PS: You need to read New Moon to your own only, not giving it to others because New Moon is for educational purpose only. That’s the good thing about it.

  6. What on earth do u think I’m generous enough to giveaway New Moon to others? Wishful thinking, dude! I’m gonna keep all of them to myself. Well, I think I would want to check it out, but not soon enough. I have academic books to read for my new courses. Burger!

  7. Burger? What century is this?
    Well, good luck with your academic books. Since I don’t have one, New Moon is my free and busy time on earth… He-he…

  8. Hey ur pictures are nice. Our pic also. They made me laughed.

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