Here I Am – once again!

             I left this blog a little while, and I realized that it’s almost expired, but my teacher told me that it’s okay because I could always make it alive again. She says this is the good thing about blog. So here I am, recharging this blog like my dead battery.

             In fact, I was a little busy with my school papers, presentations, some simple exams, and some extra curriculum works on my Zine (it’s a shortcut of magazine).

             To be honest, I just wanted those things to get over with, but it was good because I didn’t have to decide what I should do first since all I needed to do is using two hands and two legs scratching those paper works and then they were done haphazardly. Nevertheless, I’ve got good marks, the top one, and some admiration. That is the only good thing about being busy.

             Among those class work, I’ve done one thing that is very interesting for my teachers, and of course, me too. I went to a rehab to interview some addicts, I’ve been to the University of Chittagong a few times to ask some general information about drug addiction from a lecturer of the physiology department of the university, and I interviewed a doctor in a drug center of the government (he states that it is not a rehab because it doesn’t have enough facilities.)

             These works are for the website Your Story of the British Broadcast Channel radio. From that, I’ve learned a lot. However, I couldn’t put the links for my readers to check those works out because one of the addicts that I’ve interviewed, Osru, wanted me to not do it. (Since my blog is kind of well-known in my school).

             Nevertheless, I will re-edit the audios that I’ve got, without her voice in it, and upload it on my blog later. I hope then you will learn something different from it.


One Response to “Here I Am – once again!”

  1. How much I love to see u back again! But please, don’t be so late to keep some ppl waiting to hear from u.

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