Batali Hill – Forget it, or Take it back?


             If you live in Chittagong, Bangladesh, you might enjoy seeing the green view of its city. One word to describe such view is fascinating.

             There is a place in the city where you can see the whole city from the top. It’s called Batali hill.

             Before, there were many people in and outside the city that liked to visit the hill just to smell the city. However, now it is not a better place to go anymore. Why is it?

Image’s InFO: Batali Hill

             If you go there, you will see that there is only one way from the bottom to the top. There is a slum area at the waist of the hill. People’s lives are quite interesting there, but the thing is a small drug business is also there. That is 80% true.

             One day, my friend and her father visited the hill. Coincidently, there were a few police’s cars at the bottom of the hill, and there was a man shouting from the waist of the hill to another man at the top. They used their slang language to communicate so that no one knew what they were talking about.

             Then another man followed my friend and her father. She thought that maybe he was thinking that her father was a detector who acted like a visitor. She was scared. She didn’t dare to look at the man’s face. She said that she could feel his horrible voice.

             Luckily, her father was a good communicator, so the problem was solved.

             “Don’t go there alone, not even if you have a group of friends. It’s very dangerous out there.” She said to me.

              So what now? A resort is taken over by drug dealers – or whoever they are. How can a tourist like me find another place to enjoy the whole view of Chittagong besides Batali Hill?


10 Responses to “Batali Hill – Forget it, or Take it back?”

  1. Sovathary Says:

    So now u know! Don’t be alone in a strange place. U might not know what will happen. I’m some how worry about u over there. Not because I don’t trust the school u stay but the security at that country is like a ship in the open sea. And if things get bad, return home.

  2. By that you mean, when things get bad, just bolt?
    I’m going to live or die here, and I’m going to return if I can. I’ll choose the last and the best choise, but the thing is that the choice I think is the best might turn out to be the worst.

    Nonetheless, I’ll meet you there.

  3. Sovathary Says:

    Just u to return home. Like a ship to its port. No matter what kind of port it is. It’s still port for back-from-storm ship. But maybe u are sailing well and rich with exciting experiences. If u come back, bring ur ship’s log along! I’m waiting to hear…

  4. “sailing well and rich with exciting experiences”? Oooohh… fancy that.
    To be honest, these days I feel like “A-yang” that people can tell me to do whatever they want. They think they’re the boss, unfortunately, I’ve already found my way home. So they’re nothing to me.
    People like ’em need some lessons, but I won’t waste my time to teach ’em how to be cool ’cause I have someone wait 4 me. He-he…
    I’ll catch up with you, mate. Stay where you are, and my rich ship will board on your feet.

  5. Sovathary Says:

    I concern that u’re no longer comment in my blog, no matter how many posts i have written about u. No more. What’s going up there? I hope it’s not that bad. I’ll just wait until I meet u and listen to all the staff that make ur living miserable. I can’t say or tell u what u should do or even judge ur problem, unless I get an earful. Anyway, mate, we can’t do everything, neither we can please everyone. So loosen up sometime, and don’t let life push u around. U do it.

  6. Sorry mate. I’m kind busy a bit with drug addicts interview. I’ll be having some free time soon, and I’ll let you hear my story.

  7. sovathary Says:

    I think I want u to write something about that place. It’s how I can imagine u doing stuff and thinking stuff. Well, not to force u when u’re not free. But let do it as a hobby, can u? What so hard about it anyway, when u have a genius mind to write great story even u’re sleepy?

  8. Now you’re being sacastic. A hobby, you say? Aye, roger that. I’d surely do that, but not intend to.

  9. auwstudents Says:

    Look at this! You’re having a conversation through your blog! This is EXACTLY the purpose of this! Beautiful job!

  10. Metha,i like the the sentence that “How can a tourist like me find another place to enjoy the whole view of Chittagong besides Batali Hill?” yeh,of course ,there is no where like Batali Hills in Ctg.

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