Say to Yourselves “J’en ai marre d’avoir la vie en blanche et noire! “– I’m sick of having a life in black and white!

            Someone wrecked all my expectation. I feel like thunder crushing is rumbling right in my ear. So many sounds in my head including growling, whimpering, sobbing, chuckling, siren wailing, bell tolling, clanging, clicking, tire screeching, traffic rushing, engine starts rewind, glasses crushing, that I can’t concentrate.

One thing that I know now is that after the rain, the sky is still dark, and the sun won’t shine on me. However, I realized I’m a human, and humans are adapted. So, sooner or later, I’ll get used to live in this crazy messed up world even though there will be no sunlight.

I figured I don’t have to wait for the one who is still hiding behind the cloud because waiting for that one is like waiting for a miracle to happen when everyone knows the truth that life is not a fairytale

Anyway, I feel better when I know that the friends of mine read what I’ve written in my previous post. They said they felt the same, and they who wanted to say goodbye to this spiteful world finally give it a try to look for the reason to live.

For everyone out there, I want to say to you that, “Just hold on tight and your lives will go on.

Even though my previous post made my friends started to feel better, one of them ended up running to me crying. She told me while she tried to hold her tears, “This is how I feel. I’m glad you’ve said what most of us can’t say it out loud.

Well, the truth is me neither. I could not say it out loud. I just wrote it because it’s better that way.

One thing that is important is you have to learn how to give yourselves inspiration. Say to yourselves, “I’m sick of having a life in black and white,” and this is the time that you need to color up your lives.

Remember that life is a failure, life is a success. Life is full of nothing. Life is everything in between. One step forward and you see the sunlight. One step behind, and your lives can never be the same again. Life is an experiment that cannot be done. Life is everything and nothing, but it is the only thing that matters to you and me. It is the only thing that we have had.

One more thing that I want to add to this is that, “Do not give up this life so easy that people will roll their eyes. Keep on living to make them speechless.


4 Responses to “Say to Yourselves “J’en ai marre d’avoir la vie en blanche et noire! “– I’m sick of having a life in black and white!”

  1. Kathy S Says:

    Hey Meta,

    You are fearless in pouring out your emotions! I’m sure most women can relate to the feelings you are experiencing. My “unsolicited” advice is to do something kind for someone else and to get out of your own way. When I return in August, I’ll be happy to sit down with you and chat! Best,
    Kathy in Kosovo

  2. Sovathary Says:

    Again! It’s totally touchy, I admire every phrase u put in. U know, it’s so heartedly told. And don’t tell me that u were sleepy while u were writing this post, otherwise, I would think that u’re a voodoooooo, who could make things happen without even try a gut. Well, I wish I could write something worth reading like that too. Seriously. I have never written anything important but all my own worthless stories… I will try to follow ur step, dude!

    Ur Besty,

    PS: I have to hold my tear for now, so when u come back, I’ll flood u to death with it!

  3. I’m very please to hear that Ms. Kathy. I believe that your advice will be helpful for everyone out there as well as my friends and me too.

    Plus, I’m very pleased to hear that you’ll be back in August so that we can actually “sit down and chat.”

    Thank you.

  4. Yo, doggie! I’m sure not a voodoo. I told you, I’m just as normal as you can think of what a person in my age can be. Well, it’s worthless to say to you that because you’ll say to me the words that you always do.

    Anyway, your post is not just about wothless stories! Why do you have to keep saying that? You want more admiration from me or what? Your stories are great as I told you before, and I’m telling you now also. (Well regarding grammar mistakes.) He-he…

    Keep writing, and learn to like your writings, my “lousy best friend.”

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