Shooting Heroine to Forget about Father and Friend’s Mother’s Affair – a submission to Your Story


            Drugs addicts are everywhere including in Bangladesh. Family crisis is one of the main factors that lead people, especially teenagers to drugs. For instance, Osru’s father and her friend’s mother made out. Knowing about this affair, Osru and her best friend, Jolly, together crying and fighting. They then shot drugs in Jolly’s boy friend’s house.

            After living three months in Bangladesh, I know an open girl named Osru. The second time I met Osru, I could understand the pain behind her dark eyes. After sitting and talking for a while, she said to me, “My father was like a god to me. I never could forgive him after I knew his real face.”

Osru described her shocking life experience without even looking at me. She said, “I used to be an innocent girl who saw everything positively, but then my peaceful world was completely crushed.”

            The story began when her parents and her best friend’s parents were best friends. They always went to each other’s house to have dinner together. The world was beautiful until one day when her mother went to look after her grandmother. That night, Osru and her best friend saw her father and Jolly’s mother had one night stand in her home.

She got a feeling like someone hacked her head. She felt like the sky felt upon her and she couldn’t even stand up. She was fallen behind.

When I was speechless, she pulled her shirt down a bit and pointed her finger at her front left shoulder, “This is the black spot that my father gave me as a warning to keep my mouth shut,” she said.

In fact, he didn’t need to do that because Osru could barely talk about it. She could never confess it to her mother even if she tried to. Apart of her wanted to wake her mother up, but the other part of her told herself that it would only just break apart the whole family if she told her mother. Jolly also felt the same.

They both could not look each other in the eyes. They wanted to break their friendship apart, but they kept holding on to each other. They cried over each other’s shoulder. They hit, they blamed themselves, but then they realized it was not their faults. They could not hate each other nor face the truth. As they couldn’t handle the problem, they decided to shoot heroine together. It was Jolly’s boy friend who provided them the drugs.

They had been shooting drugs for six months, and no one else knew it. Osru was getting thinner and thinner, she ate almost nothing. Then her boy friend, Hassan, noticed that she was shooting drugs. After knowing that, he slapped her every day until she stopped shooting heroine.

She showed me scars-bladed all over her forearms and both of her labs. She said, “My father would kill me if he knew it.”

 “I love Hassan so much that I stop shooting it. The first time I missed shooting it, I sucked my own blood. It was dripping all over the place and then I fainted. When I woke up, no one came home yet. So I cleaned up the floor. My Kamiz[1] hid my wounds so no one noticed it,” she said.

She could stop it at last because she was only a newly drugs user. Jolly told her that she would stop, but she couldn’t because she fell too deep into the black hole. Raaj[2] loved someone else, but he raped her. It was even more pressure for Jolly.

Osru lastly said, “I can’t tell if she can stop it because even I, I’m not sure how long I can stay away from it, but I will encourage her to stop it. I know her and she knows me. I’m the only one who can pull her back. She always backs me up. This time, it’s my turn to help her.”

PS: Each name in the story has been changed to keep their privacy.

[1] Bangladesh shirt

[2] Jolly’s boy friend


2 Responses to “Shooting Heroine to Forget about Father and Friend’s Mother’s Affair – a submission to Your Story”

  1. auwstudents Says:

    Meta! Great post!
    You’ve got my okay to submit this to “Your Story.”

    – Ms Amy

  2. farzanamithila Says:

    The story seems known to me…. anyway great story.

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