Keep Your Kids Away From Drugs – Keep Them in Good Conditions

One of my friends said that drug addicts needed attention, care and love to delight their lives up again, and I think she is right about that because most people look strong only on the outside. The truth is they don’t have inner strength, and some of them do drugs because they believe that drugs can make them stronger and more confident. For example, one of my writings mentioned about Veasna, a 22 year-old boy, who shot drugs because his parents ignored him.

As for me, even though my dad always left me on my own, I’m okay because I’ve got my mother to inspire me and friends to talk to. It is a medicine that keeps me away from depression and psychological illness. Thanks to them and their supports, I’m not a victim of drugs.

For me, I think it is okay to leave kids to stand up on their own two feet when they are grown up, but it’s not reasonable to leave them alone when they are just kids. Especially when they need a family to support them, to cheer them up, to share a great-great-grandparents’ stories, to tell every stupid thing that kids like us always do, to love and to beloved, to be backed up, to hold on to, to belong to. They need to be fed hot hot hot food that has been cooled before giving it to them. These are how to build the basic confidence for YOUR kids.

 They want to be taken care of because they are delicate dolls. They want to believe in people who believe in them, and if they trust their parents, they will not touch drugs if their parents say so. Therefore, it’s a really effective way to keep your kids in a good condition always.

Inspiration is what they need the most.


4 Responses to “Keep Your Kids Away From Drugs – Keep Them in Good Conditions”

  1. Sovathary Says:

    How much I wish I could have a piece of your notion. Just so I could say all the meaningful things to the world as you do. But so bad, inspiration doesn’t always exist in people mind sometime. That’s why we NEED somebody to feed us with great pill of inspiration, trust and love. Like your parents and mine. They make us strong and still bring us our inner strength. No matter what! Drug isn’t a gift, life is!

  2. kEEP TRApping My tracks? Thanks, mate. Want my notion? Read more of mine. If only I could open my eyes and see you right beside me, I’d be out of mind. Maybe I’d jumb like I got my legs for the first time in my life like Aqua.

    Tu me manques.
    Je t’embrasse.


  3. Sovathary Says:

    I like everything about you, no matter how silly! [Just kidding!] I would explode into million pieces from the feeling of overjoy, if I see you right beside me too. You complete me, I meant it, I can’t imagine a life without you being my best friend. Life like that is hard and hurt like hell.

    Tu me manque, [just use it often and tell me what it means too.]
    Je t’aime!


  4. Tu me manque! This is the second time I said in here. It means I miss you, dog! Crak, crak, crak! I’m going to you and squeeze your neck now…

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