What Will Happen When the Society Makes Us Feel Uncomfortable?

  Mirror Looking

Image’s InFO: Mirror Looking

A lot of people agree that society makes them look differently at themselves. In fact, people easily get nervous when they are surrounded by eyes. Some people say, “The way people look at me makes me scared to look at myself.”

Generally, being different also makes people feel uncomfortable in their societies. Some people wouldn’t go out without looking at the mirror, but still, all they can think of themselves are weirdoes.

More effectively, the way they are treated differently in their societies also makes them feel uneasy. Most of the time, we can hear some people ask, “Why would they do this to me?” or “What am I doing wrong?” These questions will be asked whenever people are treated differently. It hunts their feelings inside.

This is the reason why a lot of people are afraid of showing whom they are because they think that their societies would not accept them. It is also one of the reasons that makes people become lack of confident, and it can lead some of them to drugs since they want to be stronger and more confident.


2 Responses to “What Will Happen When the Society Makes Us Feel Uncomfortable?”

  1. auwstudents Says:

    This is another great post! Keep writing and thinking about this topic. You have come up with such amazing ideas!
    Very impressive!
    -Ms Amy

  2. Meta,
    I know you are doing a gerat job with your blog posts. Try to give us more information about your topic.

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