Keep Mental Health Days in the “Real World”

Living in the real world gives us a lot of difficult things to deal with. We will feel stressed out because we have to do everything even though we don’t want to.

In the real world, instead of just stand out for what we believe in, we have to fit in. We might try to be like what we should be like, pretend to be someone that we are not. Sometimes we have to act knowledgeable even if we don’t even know what we are doing. We need to act like we are strong powerful people in front of anyone who belongs to us even though sometimes we are so weak, and we just want to lay back. Anything that would happen in our everyday-life in the real world is needed to be responsible.

Thus, we will feel exhausted because we don’t have time to relax. We don’t even have time to do something that we like to do. Sad and sorrow will find us if no one cares about us because people are busy with their lives in this real world too. One day, we will feel like we can’t do it anymore, we can’t handle it anymore. We are sick of it because it is boring to do everything over and over again, and no one appreciates it.

This is the time that we cannot build inspiration by ourselves.In this case relationship is really helpful for us to keep our mental healthy and to keep us away from drugs.


6 Responses to “Keep Mental Health Days in the “Real World””

  1. Sovathary Says:

    Dear Métty.

    We are on the same page, girl! We do feel like that one way or the other. You have a very bright mind just to figure it out rationally. I am very impressed with your ability to think critically yet openly to everyone. I love your writing so bad, except the fact that you don’t write to me anymore…

    A sad best friend,

  2. Of course, I write to you. You are the one who never have more than three lines to reply.
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m busy. That’s the reason why I don’t write to you very often.
    I’ll see you Saturday night, okay? (Old place, mate)

    C ya!

  3. Sovathary Says:

    C’mon man! Don’t give me a heart attack, old place what? Are you coming or what? I can’t can’t can’t wait for another creepy months, let alone six years. So I’m going to die without you, that would be easier! And now you’re busy like hell, even your bff is falling behind to HELL! Okay, Saturday I’ll see you, old place, old you and old me. Deal?

  4. Talking about hell, you see d deal. You sound like you’r drunk, you know. Do you actually yelling in front of my wood house now? That sweet.

    Ps: What is bff? Boy friend’s friend?

  5. Sovathary Says:

    I actually screamed at you face while you read this already! How do I get drunk while I’m a non-alcoholic? Don’t take me on, no, no! Okay, best forever friend is BFF in short, you idiot! But I feel like BL right now, which stands for Biggest Loser! Sometime, my temper is so heat up when it comes to your being away. I can’t help it, man!

  6. A non-acoholic can be drunk without s/he best friend forever, ya no. I’m glad you like LiLLY AlleN, but it doesn’t sound like you.
    Now you really sound like goody-goody-mommy, ya no. It’s okay though. I find that cute.
    What, a biggest loser? If you r then I’m a Double one. Whatsoever, mate.
    Be cool, okay? I’m goin’.
    Jessus, relax.
    Catch up with you later. Hi 5!

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