What Would Drug Addicts Do to the Unprotected Kids in Cambodia? – Part Two

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After that day, I’ve thought about the girl’s situation. I thought about what my parents told me when I was a kid. They said, “Do not go anywhere alone even with a few friends of yours, or some drug addicts will kidnap you.”

It’s true even today. But why do they do that?

As the matter-of-fact, those drug addicts kidnap any unprotected kids in Cambodia to Thai’s border, and then they will make the kids become beggars in there to earn money for them. Before becoming beggars, those kids are converted to real homeless children first.

How are those kids converted?

Some part of their bodies will get cut or taken away to be real handicaps, so then when the travelers or villagers see the blind, mute, legless or armless kids, they will give the kids some money to show their sympathy. However, the money will be taken by drug addicts.Street Kids

The kids are not only converted to be beggars, but prostitutes, thieves, murderers and drug dealers.

For this reason, I always look at street children as the missing kids in Cambodia.

Image’s InFO: Street Kids


12 Responses to “What Would Drug Addicts Do to the Unprotected Kids in Cambodia? – Part Two”

  1. crystalfe Says:

    There are many kids not only in Cambodia but also around the world who are not with their parents but with Stanger dealing with many illegal issues. I like the way you have express your thought and feeling. You made us think a lot far than we usually do. Great job!!!


  2. farzanamithila Says:

    I agree with Crystal. You are bringing up the topics that are unknown to many people or people really don’t think about those. Great job.

  3. Safra Ghouse Says:

    I learned many things from your post. Also yuor explanations are great.
    keep it up.

  4. yeah, of course there are many things to learn from your posts especially this one explains how these children’s future drown into darkness.

  5. I do agree with the point Crystal has come with. Inaddition you ended this post nicely by saying that you look the street children as the missing kids in Cambodia.

    Good Job!


  6. After reading this i felt really really sad and concerned. This happens everywhere in the world. It is making the whole world to go into darkness. Anyway, i hope there will be a lot of changes if everyone read this writing……….it is so nice……….wonderful……..mind blowing…………Thankyou for alerting the people………..If the world might think by your perception then this problem would fly away soon……..it is really good……….

  7. Thank You, kamala. Me too, I hope the world will consider this problem even though they don’t read my writing.

  8. Thanks you very much, Saroy, for your comments.
    I also hope so. That’s the main reason I’m writing this post.
    I want to expose the real news to all those kids. However,
    I’m not sure they would get this message from here, not all of them.
    It’s not regular for the kids in Cambodia to access the internet first of all.
    Therefore, I always hope that the ones who have the access would expose this news to all those kids.

  9. Saroy Lieng Says:

    Million thank you for your giving websites. I do hope it will be the useful for every body when they are in need on researching the concerning drug.
    Great job

  10. I appreciate your comments.
    Just let me know if there is anything I could help with your project.

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