What Would Drug Addicts Do to Unprotected Kids in Cambodia? – Part One

        I saw a skinny girl. She looked like one of the kids who live on the street. She was begging anyone around her for a little amount of money or a piece of bread, but no one cared to give her what she asked for. One of the men just told her to get lost. She could say nothing back. She could just leave that place and roam along the way.

       I walked slowly after her without thinking why I would do that. I saw her teardrops on her left arm. She didn’t even care to dry her tears. Suddenly, she stopped and sat down in front of the bakery store. She put her both hands on her stomach. Then I fumbled my pocket. I could find only a few cents. It was enough to buy 2 pieces of bread. I looked at my money then looked at her. She understood that I was about to give it to her, so she snatched the money from my hand and ran into the bakery happily.

       One of my friends called my name and asked me why I would be there. My eyes were still focused on the girl, and then I told my friend that there was a girl with a black hair. My friend asked me what happened, but I just told her that, “Nothing, I just saw a skinny girl.” Then we both came back to where we were before.

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One Response to “What Would Drug Addicts Do to Unprotected Kids in Cambodia? – Part One”

  1. farzanamithila Says:

    It is common almost every where in BD also.

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