A Famous Tormenting Prison in Sylhet


I visited a friend’s house in Sylhet, Bangladesh. The house was near a prison. The road was called Jail Road. Once or twice a day, when I went outside the house, I gave a quick glance at the prison. Then my friend would tell me that, “This is a really famous prison for torturing prisoners. The people who stand in the line in front of the prison are prisoners’ relatives. They wait to see their relatives in the prison.”jail-road2


I didn’t respond to her. I just looked at the people who were standing in front of it. They seemed so sad. I saw a man came out and still looked back at the prison’s gate, another man leaned against the gate and cried. I didn’t want to imagine the situation in the jail.


In fact, I didn’t really feel sorry for the prisoners because I thought that maybe they were some teenagers who were rebellious or wanted to be cool like acting cool and doing something cool. Maybe most of them might think that doing some cool stuff is getting more experiences and first of all, they could start from skipping school so that they could spend sometimes to be cool. Or maybe it was about being strong, rebellious, violent…or something that shows that they were in adulthood. In this case, they could shoot drugs to help them become stronger, and then they would make others feel uncomfortable by their strong activities. Maybe they thought that it was fun to do these kinds of stuffs, and it could make them feel so good with what they were doing, but then it just came to an end because, in reality, they didn’t realize that making people scared wouldn’t get them very far.

However, I felt bad for their relatives since, all days and nights, they would always think about their relatives in that place. They couldn’t get so excited or laugh out loud in any circumstances when their relatives face the torture every day. For me, I couldn’t do anything to help them. The only thing that I could do is to watch and think about it.


4 Responses to “A Famous Tormenting Prison in Sylhet”

  1. crystalfe Says:

    No, Meta you have down something which you have not realized it yet. That is writing your experience in your blog and letting us know about this as we have no idea about this. I think you have down a marvelous job giving awareness to us…


  2. farzanamithila Says:

    In our lives we face a lot of situations like that where we can’t do any thing but see them. But not much of think about them. You are thinking, so that will help others also to think about those.

  3. good information and great description. It’s very nice of you to keep giving us new information.


  4. Michael Chand Says:

    Please to the guards and prisoners make those culprits that tortured Rajon pay. Break toenails use the stick and no water and tie them up and whip them . All of them the ones that laughed the whole time please . Jail is where you pay for your sins .

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