Why Are Victims’ Experiences Important?


There are some places where the victims from different places along with different experiences come together.

Why would they do that?

They actually have gathered more of the people like them to prevent the people like us from their life experiences.

A lot of people have been through shocking experiences because it is never easy to live a better life always. However, we can try our best to make our lives better.

People say, “Learning from others’ mistakes is way better than learning from our own mistakes.

Thus, victims’ experiences can teach us a lot and we should be aware of what they say so that we can protect ourselves from those appalling incidents which have been experienced already.


One Response to “Why Are Victims’ Experiences Important?”

  1. poorvoices Says:


    I really liked how you have described listening to other’s experiences can save us.

    Also, it is always good to learn from own mistake but it is wise to learn from other’s mistake. Isn’t it?

    Great work.


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