Victims’ Voices Had Better be HEARD


My happiness was vanished in a blink of the eye. I was awakened and I felt like I was falling from the 30th floor of my dream castle. At the age of 18, I work as many jobs as a girl in my age could do. I was not supposed to quit my study if all of my older brothers didn’t do drugs. Nonetheless, as a younger sister, I couldn’t help keeping my eyes on the plight of my family situation.

Three of my older brothers  went to work in Thai’s border. At that time, drugs were not well known and familiar as today. Their boss provided them Yaba in due to make them work the hardest with the least food. Afterward, the impacts of drugs were growing so strong that they couldn’t resist staying there anymore. They came home with blue pale faces and they confessed the truth.

            All I want now is to be able to hug my brothers like before. I missed the past. I never thought the whole family would end up this way.”

In Cambodia, there is a radio FM 102 HZ which has had a program about drugs issue. That station has been opened for everyone to call in and share their life stories about drugs. One of my friend listened to the radio station a few years ago, and she heard about the girl’s story above, and I heard this story from my friend.

To be honest, people like my family including me never actually listen to the radio about this kind of issue and I bet a lot of people are indifferent about it too. So then what? How can the problem be solved when not enough people listen to the victims’ voices even in broadcast?

The Victims’ VOICES must be HEARD.


6 Responses to “Victims’ Voices Had Better be HEARD”

  1. farzanamithila Says:

    I also agree with you.

  2. roksanaparvin Says:

    I shocked about the story. It reminds me a teleflim. Once I watched a teleflim like that.

  3. hey Meta, Is it a true story.
    It hurts me a lot, but nice suggestion.

  4. poorvoices Says:

    Great title and the ending.

    No words other than AWESOME.

    Great work.


  5. poorvoices Says:

    And similar to what Roksana felt, I have watched many movies and serials relating drug abuse and its psychological and social effect.


  6. Meta

    There is nothing to do. But you are here to convey their messages. We are here to listen to them and let our friends know about it because i believe this situation is not for Combodia, but also for my country aslo.


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