Is It Reasonable Enough to Do DRUG?


Guilt-laden PleasureVeasna is 22 years old. He was short of interested in my friend. Actually, she noticed him too, but in a different way. Most of the time, when she was in class, she saw him shaking. Then right after class, he swallowed some white powder roughly in the corner.

Picture’s InFO:Guilt-laden pleasure

  It was heroine he was inhaling. She knew what it was because she asked his friends. One day, her phone rang, it was him.

  […] “Can I ask you one question?” He asked.

  “Sure.” She said.

  “Do you know that I do drugs?” He straightly asked.

            “Yes, I knew it.” She replied.

            “You wanna know why I do it?”

            She didn’t say anything.

            “My parents are jewelry sellers. Gosh, such a wealthy job they have. Haven’t they? You might ask what it is to do with me started do drugs. Well, I’ve got most of the things everyone has ever wanted, but the more they give, the less it means to me. Compare to the money and all those stuffs, I want them to stay with me instead. I wanna feel the warmth of their shoulders, but they are just so damn busy with their jobs. I don’t know if it’s reasonable enough for a person to do drugs, but my brothers shoot drugs because of this reason too. Fortunately, my sister doesn’t do it, but it doesn’t make any difference since she rarely stays at home like me and my two other brothers too. ” He paused for a moment.

            “I wonder what is it are they fightin’ for with the money they’ve got? To die with it?” He said.

            Then my friend said straightly to him, “Veasna, I know you’re hurt, but I can’t say that I know how you feel. Nonetheless, you should stop doing drugs from now. It’s not a good solution, and I know you know what the impacts of it are, but I don’t think you’re ready for it. Stop it now and live for tomorrow. If you don’t like the way your parents act, it is YOUR responsible to tell them. No one knows if he/she is playing an unfair game unless he/she is told.

Do not try to solve this problem alone. It is your family issue so you need to have a family discussion about it. That’s how people live together. You have to be able to say what is on your mind. Otherwise, no one knows what you want. Express yourself.

I agree that they shouldn’t have left you alone for that long. However, you should’t have hid them what you feel about that. What they do is for you and your brothers and sister. Do you think they can live 100 years more from today to spend all the money they’ve earned for that long? Trust me, start your new day from this very moment before it’s too late.

          He didn’t say anything, and she stopped speaking too. After that day, he never called her again. He also quit being a freshman in his college.

She doesn’t know where he has gone and what he does now. She knew it was her advice that made him disappear. However, she didn’t regret to say it because it is what she would say to anyone not only him.

For me, I think that it is reasonable enough to be upset in his case, butit is never reasonable enough to do drugs.


8 Responses to “Is It Reasonable Enough to Do DRUG?”

  1. farzanamithila Says:

    Great job!

  2. auwstudents Says:

    Great story. It’s great when you write about situations where young people do drugs and you consider it from different perspectives.
    Do you know of any stories where there were people who did drugs and really enjoyed it but something happened that made them stop? This is just a suggestion for a post.

    -Ms Amy

  3. poorvoices Says:


    Such an outstanding story. I really liked it so much.
    Great work.


  4. Safra Ghouse Says:

    Meta, nice story.
    I like to read more stories like this. If you can please post like this stories, so then people can understand and it will be interesting.


  5. Meta, you have done a great job, because the situations of droggers is imlicit in your writing and the story is very clear to understand.

  6. roksanaparvin Says:

    I am agree with Sinthu that she says that the story is very clear to understand. You did a great job Meta.

  7. Meta

    Its not a new thing that your stories are great. I like how you present them with emotion.
    Thanks for another good story.


  8. Meta – I am so impressed with your writing. Good for you for starting this blog and sharing these stories. And good for your friend for saying all of those things to the boy in her class. You have to be very brave to tell the truth sometimes and I think you both are very brave.

    We are sending you big hugs from Cambodia!

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