Who Wants to be a Man in Control?

             Another Cambodian friend of mine also knows a drug addict. He used to be her neighbor.  People in her village called him Tarng. He’s 22 years old. Most of the villagers knew that he was taking drug because he never hid it. For instance, he often went to the cinema while he was doing drugs.

If the film was about action fighting scenes, he would act like he was practicing Karate or Kung Fu from the cinema through his way home after watching the movie. However, no one dared to say anything about that because he was a dangerous neighbor to everyone in the village.

My friend also told me that he shoot drugs because he got a family pressure. Having a father who is an alcoholic, and always shouted and shouted and shouted including a mother who is a card player, and groans whenever she loses the game, the whole family was always fighting.

Now that he’s completely controlled by drugs, he doesn’t need to hear his parents’ arguments anymore because he has left his home and become a playboy who sells and buys drugs.family-fight1

Now what? He doesn’t even care anymore. Even his parents are indifferent. Who cares to be an indoor person in this case?

Sometimes parents never actually do what they should.  


Picture’s InFO: Family Fight



3 Responses to “Who Wants to be a Man in Control?”

  1. Sovathary Says:

    How come? You never tell me a word about that. Have a friend jeng man hey ah…?

  2. Its really a sad story, however it also represents the life stories of most of the drug addicted people. In Bangladesh, it is one of the major resons to spoil kids and to walk on the way of drugs.

    This is the reality. I don’t why the parents neglect their kids.

    Nice work


  3. I like your sentence that says Sometimes parents never actually do what they should. Actually this is also a reason that childrean are addicted to drugs in society. Great work Meta.

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