Who Can a Drug Addict Appear to Be?


Generally, a drug addict can be anyone of us or someone we know. For instance, I’m going to give you an idea about a drug addict who comes out to be my friend’s cousin. First I asked one of my friends, “Do you know any drug addict?”

“Yes, my cousin is addicted to drugs.” She replied. Then I got the story of her cousin becoming a drug addict.

Aphan is my friend’s cousin. He was not a resistance student, and he failed the exam at grade 9. He got no degree for his family. At the age of 21, he went to work as a fisherman in a Thai Sea ship. It was not a regular job for him. He could never get used to that job until he got an idea from his co-worker that drugs could help him beat this kind of job.  Unfortunately for him, he cannot stop doing drugs since he has been doing it for nearly 7 years because of that job. No one knows what he does for living now because he has never returned home since a few years after he worked there. A grown up man who is about 28 years old is now a drug addict.

“Now, he has become a complete playboy.” My friend said.

           Is it a rational reason to become a drug addict?Not at all, you can always get used to do any kinds of jobs the more you do it because people are adapted. Thus, drugs should not be used in this case anymore.


3 Responses to “Who Can a Drug Addict Appear to Be?”

  1. farzanamithila Says:

    Meta, your psts are really interesting. I wait every week to see your posts.

  2. Nice ideas Meta,,, you are doing a great job.
    Your posts are that much strong to feel the concept to readers minds.
    Really, do you think that in future, will people stop the using of drugs? What do you think Meta?


  3. Thanks a lot Farzanamithila that you’re interested in reading my posts. You’ve given really helpful suggestions too.

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