Do THEY Not Know How Dangerous Drugs Are?

Well, actually the negative effects of drugs are explained in homes, schools, community services…, and most of the people know this kind of facts without even going to school.

People do understand what the shocking effects of drugs are. However, some of them still want to experience it. Why? Don’t they have brains? Don’t they think of their futures? Don’t they think of others?

If you have one of these questions above, you might think that those drug addicts are born to be wild criminals, and that’s why they use drugs.

In fact, they do have feelings and judgments. It’s not like they just do or shoot drugs whenever they feel bored. There are a lot of reasons that push a person into the black hole. Those reasons might be among these points below:

·         Peer pressure – friends are really effective because most of the time, they are with you and if they persuade you to do drug with them, it’s a possible way for you to comply it. Or maybe your relationship breaks up into pieces, and it’s hard for you to face it. Thus, you might use drugs to solve the problem.        


·         Family pressure – people in your family are the most effective people to you. If your family has a bad relationship, it makes your world goes crazy and it also can lead you to drugs.


·         Job/School pressure – school or office is the second place that you spend most of your time there. If the place is full of depressing works or unbearable people, you will be depressed and that is also one of the major factors that compels you to think of doing drugs.


·         Economic crisis – financial is the nuisance problem for everyone. When you can no longer afford your everyday-life, in one way or another, you might see how drugs can be your closed friend.


·         Lack of confident – most of the people who are lack of confident might be sick of the word “loser” which others like to use it to call them. At the moment, they would think of what can make them become stronger inside. Therefore, in their opinions, drugs can easily be considered as their inner strengths.


·         Experiment/Curiosity – some people want to know the exact feeling of being affected by drugs in due to study whether it is possible for them to control themselves while they are doing it. That is a very bad idea, because even it is just an experiment, least of them can actually stop doing it after they did. Not even think about controlling themselves.


·         To learn/work better – even though drugs give you a lot of negative effects, it can keep you awake all day long. Some students in colleges do or shot drugs because of this matter because then they can keep on doing their homework.


·         To lose weight – knowing that drugs keep you thin, because when you do drugs, you don’t need a lot of food to eat, some girls including the models try to do drugs because they want to fit in their careers or maybe they just want their bodies to be elegant.

·         And another none-academic reason is love mess – when you lose your love, you lose your faith for a moment. Your world becomes black and you don’t want to stay healthy anymore. So drugs can be used in that case.

The reasons might be more than that. But, the truth is each person has his/her own difficulties. Sometimes it’s okay for them to handle it, but there is a time when they are sick of solving or facing their problems. At that moment, it’s possible for them to do drugs or drink alcohol.

Alcohol/drugs can be considered as the most common things that people use to lie to themselves that the problem will be solved in one way or another. Or maybe, they just want to hurt themselves because they don’t like the one who they see in the mirror anymore. Or maybe, they just hate everyone around them so that drugs can lead them to hurt those people as retaliations. Or maybe, they just want to forget about who they are for a moment.

Thus, drug addicts, who know better the impact of doing drugs, still use it because they cannot face the fact that life is pain.


4 Responses to “Do THEY Not Know How Dangerous Drugs Are?”

  1. auwstudents Says:

    Your blog continues to provide such interesting and thoughtful posts! I am so impressed by how much thought you have put into your entries. You’re asking some great questions and are introducing us to very interesting people and how drugs affected their lives.
    Keep up the good work,
    Ms Amy

  2. farzanamithila Says:

    These are really great ideas, but there many other reasons too. What will you say to those who do drugs only for fun?

  3. I take pleasure in the commentary on this web site, it really gives it that community sense!

  4. Thanks…hope you will continue to like it in the future too.

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