A Victim of a Drug Addict – Part Two (What About the Man?)


A Victim of a Drug Addict – Part One

At the time that my bangladeshi friend’s friend told me her story, I thought it was inappropriate for her to continue talking about it so I changed the topic by asking her, “Anyway, does he stop doing drugs now?”

“No, he’s getting worse now. Many times he was overdose and he was taken to the hospital. Sometimes the doctors tied his hands and legs to the bed so that he wouldn’t run away or hurt anyone. I told him to stop doing drugs a thousand times and he said he would and he swore he could, but then thinking about her led him to drugs over and over again. His mother always calls me to call him and persuade him to stop doing drugs, but it’s just not possible for him to stop it. I’ve tried so hard but even I, my own, I sometimes shot heroine to forget about him. A lot of times that I shot drugs with him, I said to him that if he shot it, I shot it too so if he’s dying, me too. Then he said he’d stop, but then I found out that he took it alone. ”

She paused a moment then she continued, “I don’t know about that. I just don’t want to care about it anymore. The truth is he’s not even doing drugs because of me and if even he doesn’t care about himself, his study, his mother and his friends including me, then why would I waste my time thinking about a guy like him? I figured out that it’s just not worth it. Me too, I am a victim because of him. You know what? I realized I don’t have to care about a selfish guy like him anymore. I want to live my life for me from now on.”

I was speechless for a moment but then I said to her, “I’m really sorry to hear that, but I’m glad you finally realized what you should do. Anyway, thanks for being so open to me. I can’t imagine a pretty, funny girl like you has this pain behind your eyes.”

“I told you the story of my life because I don’t want to see anymore victims like me. However, I can’t tell my parents about it because I know they will hit me till die. Gosh — I was such a fool to be with him in the first place.” She said.

“You’re right, but it’s never too late to realize what’s right to do. At least, you’ve learned your lesson through your experience.”

For me, I don’t think there are a lot of girls who can actually face their pasts like her. She is a really strong independent woman. However, this situation should never happen ever again.

Enough is enough!


2 Responses to “A Victim of a Drug Addict – Part Two (What About the Man?)”

  1. Meta,

    Great story! Please keep telling us these stories to give your readers an awareness for issues that they may otherwise not know about.

    Keep up the awesome work.
    -Ms Amy

  2. Sovathary Says:

    You’re so match like a character I’ve read, being supportive, and still stay unaffected by those horrible circumstance. It’s like you’re bending over to help those in need, [whether emotionally or physically] You did help and a lot!

    With love,
    From your best friend in Cambodia. [Waiting!]

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