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Keep Mental Health Days in the “Real World”

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Living in the real world gives us a lot of difficult things to deal with. We will feel stressed out because we have to do everything even though we don’t want to.

In the real world, instead of just stand out for what we believe in, we have to fit in. We might try to be like what we should be like, pretend to be someone that we are not. Sometimes we have to act knowledgeable even if we don’t even know what we are doing. We need to act like we are strong powerful people in front of anyone who belongs to us even though sometimes we are so weak, and we just want to lay back. Anything that would happen in our everyday-life in the real world is needed to be responsible.

Thus, we will feel exhausted because we don’t have time to relax. We don’t even have time to do something that we like to do. Sad and sorrow will find us if no one cares about us because people are busy with their lives in this real world too. One day, we will feel like we can’t do it anymore, we can’t handle it anymore. We are sick of it because it is boring to do everything over and over again, and no one appreciates it.

This is the time that we cannot build inspiration by ourselves.In this case relationship is really helpful for us to keep our mental healthy and to keep us away from drugs.


What Will Happen When the Society Makes Us Feel Uncomfortable?

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  Mirror Looking

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A lot of people agree that society makes them look differently at themselves. In fact, people easily get nervous when they are surrounded by eyes. Some people say, “The way people look at me makes me scared to look at myself.”

Generally, being different also makes people feel uncomfortable in their societies. Some people wouldn’t go out without looking at the mirror, but still, all they can think of themselves are weirdoes.

More effectively, the way they are treated differently in their societies also makes them feel uneasy. Most of the time, we can hear some people ask, “Why would they do this to me?” or “What am I doing wrong?” These questions will be asked whenever people are treated differently. It hunts their feelings inside.

This is the reason why a lot of people are afraid of showing whom they are because they think that their societies would not accept them. It is also one of the reasons that makes people become lack of confident, and it can lead some of them to drugs since they want to be stronger and more confident.

Keep Away From Drugs – Keep Your Mental Healthy First

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Sometimes I think that there is something that keeps people away from falling in the black hole because, every new day, we can start everything all over again. Nothing last forever, no one is keeping score. We just need to do the things that we think we should do. It is the way it goes. It is the way we want it to be. That’s how life is working from day to day. No one can stop things from happening, and we don’t have to run away from it, but we can always fight to run away. It depends on every single moment that we are facing.

However, most of the time, we need inspiration to do something. But why do we not get it sometimes?

Usually, when we mean to do one thing, we have to do another thing first, and no one knows what we want to do at the moment. We have to spend a lot of time to fix and prepare things in intention to do the one thing that we wanted to do. Sometimes we have to do the same thing over and over again, and that is the only part that people see our work, and that is why they don’t appreciate it. Even though we try hard to do anything, everyone tells us that it such a waste of time to work with those things.

This is one of the reasons that bring people down, and when you’re feeling down, you’re depressed. When you’re depressed, it might lead you to drugs.

Do not get upset over this kind of stuff. Even though inspiration from your relationships is really important, you still can go on without it. You will survive because you still can build inspiration and confidence from the inside of you. It is not easy, but if you can give it to yourself, you win this game, the game of life.

Keep your MENTAL healthy, encourage yourself, and keep away from Drugs.

What Would Drug Addicts Do to the Unprotected Kids in Cambodia? – Part Two

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After that day, I’ve thought about the girl’s situation. I thought about what my parents told me when I was a kid. They said, “Do not go anywhere alone even with a few friends of yours, or some drug addicts will kidnap you.”

It’s true even today. But why do they do that?

As the matter-of-fact, those drug addicts kidnap any unprotected kids in Cambodia to Thai’s border, and then they will make the kids become beggars in there to earn money for them. Before becoming beggars, those kids are converted to real homeless children first.

How are those kids converted?

Some part of their bodies will get cut or taken away to be real handicaps, so then when the travelers or villagers see the blind, mute, legless or armless kids, they will give the kids some money to show their sympathy. However, the money will be taken by drug addicts.Street Kids

The kids are not only converted to be beggars, but prostitutes, thieves, murderers and drug dealers.

For this reason, I always look at street children as the missing kids in Cambodia.

Image’s InFO: Street Kids

A Famous Tormenting Prison in Sylhet

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I visited a friend’s house in Sylhet, Bangladesh. The house was near a prison. The road was called Jail Road. Once or twice a day, when I went outside the house, I gave a quick glance at the prison. Then my friend would tell me that, “This is a really famous prison for torturing prisoners. The people who stand in the line in front of the prison are prisoners’ relatives. They wait to see their relatives in the prison.”jail-road2


I didn’t respond to her. I just looked at the people who were standing in front of it. They seemed so sad. I saw a man came out and still looked back at the prison’s gate, another man leaned against the gate and cried. I didn’t want to imagine the situation in the jail.


In fact, I didn’t really feel sorry for the prisoners because I thought that maybe they were some teenagers who were rebellious or wanted to be cool like acting cool and doing something cool. Maybe most of them might think that doing some cool stuff is getting more experiences and first of all, they could start from skipping school so that they could spend sometimes to be cool. Or maybe it was about being strong, rebellious, violent…or something that shows that they were in adulthood. In this case, they could shoot drugs to help them become stronger, and then they would make others feel uncomfortable by their strong activities. Maybe they thought that it was fun to do these kinds of stuffs, and it could make them feel so good with what they were doing, but then it just came to an end because, in reality, they didn’t realize that making people scared wouldn’t get them very far.

However, I felt bad for their relatives since, all days and nights, they would always think about their relatives in that place. They couldn’t get so excited or laugh out loud in any circumstances when their relatives face the torture every day. For me, I couldn’t do anything to help them. The only thing that I could do is to watch and think about it.

What Would Drug Addicts Do to Unprotected Kids in Cambodia? – Part One

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        I saw a skinny girl. She looked like one of the kids who live on the street. She was begging anyone around her for a little amount of money or a piece of bread, but no one cared to give her what she asked for. One of the men just told her to get lost. She could say nothing back. She could just leave that place and roam along the way.

       I walked slowly after her without thinking why I would do that. I saw her teardrops on her left arm. She didn’t even care to dry her tears. Suddenly, she stopped and sat down in front of the bakery store. She put her both hands on her stomach. Then I fumbled my pocket. I could find only a few cents. It was enough to buy 2 pieces of bread. I looked at my money then looked at her. She understood that I was about to give it to her, so she snatched the money from my hand and ran into the bakery happily.

       One of my friends called my name and asked me why I would be there. My eyes were still focused on the girl, and then I told my friend that there was a girl with a black hair. My friend asked me what happened, but I just told her that, “Nothing, I just saw a skinny girl.” Then we both came back to where we were before.

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Is It Reasonable Enough to Do DRUG?

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Guilt-laden PleasureVeasna is 22 years old. He was short of interested in my friend. Actually, she noticed him too, but in a different way. Most of the time, when she was in class, she saw him shaking. Then right after class, he swallowed some white powder roughly in the corner.

Picture’s InFO:Guilt-laden pleasure

  It was heroine he was inhaling. She knew what it was because she asked his friends. One day, her phone rang, it was him.

  […] “Can I ask you one question?” He asked.

  “Sure.” She said.

  “Do you know that I do drugs?” He straightly asked.

            “Yes, I knew it.” She replied.

            “You wanna know why I do it?”

            She didn’t say anything.

            “My parents are jewelry sellers. Gosh, such a wealthy job they have. Haven’t they? You might ask what it is to do with me started do drugs. Well, I’ve got most of the things everyone has ever wanted, but the more they give, the less it means to me. Compare to the money and all those stuffs, I want them to stay with me instead. I wanna feel the warmth of their shoulders, but they are just so damn busy with their jobs. I don’t know if it’s reasonable enough for a person to do drugs, but my brothers shoot drugs because of this reason too. Fortunately, my sister doesn’t do it, but it doesn’t make any difference since she rarely stays at home like me and my two other brothers too. ” He paused for a moment.

            “I wonder what is it are they fightin’ for with the money they’ve got? To die with it?” He said.

            Then my friend said straightly to him, “Veasna, I know you’re hurt, but I can’t say that I know how you feel. Nonetheless, you should stop doing drugs from now. It’s not a good solution, and I know you know what the impacts of it are, but I don’t think you’re ready for it. Stop it now and live for tomorrow. If you don’t like the way your parents act, it is YOUR responsible to tell them. No one knows if he/she is playing an unfair game unless he/she is told.

Do not try to solve this problem alone. It is your family issue so you need to have a family discussion about it. That’s how people live together. You have to be able to say what is on your mind. Otherwise, no one knows what you want. Express yourself.

I agree that they shouldn’t have left you alone for that long. However, you should’t have hid them what you feel about that. What they do is for you and your brothers and sister. Do you think they can live 100 years more from today to spend all the money they’ve earned for that long? Trust me, start your new day from this very moment before it’s too late.

          He didn’t say anything, and she stopped speaking too. After that day, he never called her again. He also quit being a freshman in his college.

She doesn’t know where he has gone and what he does now. She knew it was her advice that made him disappear. However, she didn’t regret to say it because it is what she would say to anyone not only him.

For me, I think that it is reasonable enough to be upset in his case, butit is never reasonable enough to do drugs.