What about the Police or the Government? Do They Actually Care?

 In fact, the government and the police try to eradicate drug dealers, users and all those kinds of criminals. However, the crime still happens every five minutes. Why? Because it’s not only one person who commits the crime, that’s why. Those drug businesses spread like a fatal disease all over the country, especial in the cities and the country’s boundary.

Can you cure it? Not really, but at least this disease won’t kill the whole country because the law and justice’s stuff still exist. Thus, if you’re flying under the radar, you might be okay, but if you show yourself as a goddess of drugs, the prison will be calling for your visit.

Then what does that supposed to mean?

Let me give you a hint:

  • Can I take drug?It’s up to you if you don’t think about yourself, your family and how people in the society look at you.”
  • Can I show people that I’m doing drug or selling drug? “Yes, if you want to go to jail.”

Any others question for this penalty?


3 Responses to “What about the Police or the Government? Do They Actually Care?”

  1. auwstudents Says:

    Meta, you are starting to uncover a lot of the psychology behind the usage of drugs like the part of us that we show or hide to the public/friends/family. Good questions and good guesses for the answers!

    -Ms Amy

  2. farzanamithila Says:

    SAD BUT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. crystalfe Says:

    Meta, you are reviling a point here… about the drug businesses which is happening in countries… and thank god to the law which is saving our nations but unfortunately, there are same of the country who dont think like that…… for them jail is the right place!!!

    well down

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