Why Do People Let THEM Do Drugs?

           You might ask, “Why no one cares to be aware?

Well, the answer is, “Who cares? Who wants to be a hero in this idiotic messed up world? We all just try to live our lives. We’ve got enough problems to care about. We only live a life time and then it’s done…

In reality, not everybody will answer you like this unless they are your relatives, friends or someone who trusts you because people don’t want to be so sincere that others can judge them.

Why don’t people do something to stop those guys who are doing drugs?

Well, who wants to mess with them? You might visit the museum of hell if you try to put your hands on others’ businesses, especially the drug addicts. The only thing that you can do is to stock all the information and make sure it won’t spit out. You have to learn how to shut up and watch. Keep your hands away from others’ noses. Besides, some people will roll their eyes if you talk about social issues in Cambodia.

Some people might give you this advice, “Do not try to stop the train when it’s coming or you’ll get hit.

For example, if you see someone in the corner inhaling the smoke of drug from a bottle and he/she noticed you looking at her/him, you’d get a nice conversation like this one, “What the hell are you looking at? Got a problem?” this is only a nice start. If that person is not in a good mood, you’d be thrown or kicked.

This is not what you want to get in the early morning before school starts. So, the common movement for you to cope this is to be blind or pretend like there’s nothing happens behind you.

But why can’t you call the cop then?

What? Talking about the police? 117,118 and 119? Well, you can call them but they never come in time. Don’t you see in the movie? The cops always appear when everything’s over. Besides, those drug addicts are not someone I know. Those criminals got their parents, if even the parents ignore them, why should I care?

A lot of people might use this quote to say to you when they feel depressed. Maybe after you got your feedback more than three times, you might not want to be a social savior anymore. Later, when the same question comes to you, you might yell back, “Why is it always me to be aware? What about others? If they don’t care, then neither do I.

 It’s not like people don’t want to be heroes. Of course they don’t like to be a man in a cage, but in the real world, not everything is the same as it seems. Nothing really works out well. 


2 Responses to “Why Do People Let THEM Do Drugs?”

  1. roksanaparvin Says:

    Although your story is true it is hard to believe.

  2. farzanamithila Says:

    Police? don’t you think they also take drugs? why will they care?

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