Can We Do Something For Them – the one who are addicted to drug?

One of my Bangladeshi friends read my previous stories and she was like, “You kind of know a lot of things about drug addiction in your country, but I couldn’t imagine why you wouldn’t do something about it.”

Then I asked her, “Like what?”

“You know, call the cops or maybe if even you know about this then maybe a lot of people know this and maybe the cops might notice that, right?” She asked me thinking.

“Well, you can say that. That’s their job to know what’s going on.”

“Did they do something?” She asked.

“I’ll tell you in my next post.” I said.


Here it goes. Did people do something—?


See that girl? Well, the story is not about her. It’s about the shirt that she’s wearing.

This shirt along with a matching hat including 10,000 riel (Cambodian currency equals to $ 2.5) were given to anyone who joined the conference about a demonstration against drugs and disease in an organization in Phnom Penh.

The organization provided this t-shirt because of the quote on its back which was written in Khmer (Cambodian language) means, “Is drug controlling your lives?

For the sake of your health, prevent HIV/AIDs or Hepatitis, Do Not use the same injector together!

Our lives! Our societies! NO DRUG!”

It sounds weird to me, to be  honest. Nonetheless, it’s obvious that people know about this kind of stuff and some of them have tried to increase awareness. What about me? What could I do for this issue? Well, I used to join those kinds of conferences when I was in high school. However, the main purpose was to get the t-shirt, the hat and the money. Pretty bad, huh? But I’m not afraid to tell the truth. In fact, half of the students or people who joined those conferences had the same purpose like me.

What about the organization? Did they notice that? Of course yes, but why do they still establish the conferences? Because they hope that at least a few of us will realize sooner or later what we should really do about this issue. It’s a fifty-fifty chance opportunity. They were right about that because I’ve changed my mind. I knew I was wrong because I didn’t know how serious it could be. I was just a high school kid hanging around and messing around. Fortunately, it’s never too late to step back and think it all over. People make mistakes every day. It’s okay to make a mistake, but it’s not okay to make the same mistake over and over again.

Thus, I would like to request a realization from people like the old me to step back and think whether it’s better to be selfish or a little selfless.


6 Responses to “Can We Do Something For Them – the one who are addicted to drug?”

  1. auwstudents Says:

    This is a great story! I appreciate that you are so honest! Being honest with oneself is the first step towards self-improvement which may lead to community improvement.

  2. zishrat Says:

    I don’t know what to say.
    I did not realize what was the story behind the drug control campaign, before I asking you questions. As a friend, I know you are honest. I could not imagine that you will bring up this story of your life. I am happy to know that I have a brave friend who is fighting aginst drugs. I believe you can make a change in drug addicteds’ lives one day.

    Best Wishes

  3. farzanamithila Says:

    You know the drud addicted people know better the impacts of taking that, but again they do it. what about that?

  4. poorvoices Says:

    I really liked your post not only because you are honest but also how you have shared your realisation and encouraged other people to give a second thought for the t-shirts they are wearing.

    Great work.


  5. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. In fact, I’m a professor at the American University in Kosovo and am currently working with a group of students who will present a seminar about “Drug Abuse” and treatment for addicts. I will definitely refer my students to your blog!

    BTW, do you know if there are groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) that are active in either Cambodia or Bangladesh? Info about these groups can also be found on-line if you care to check those sites out.


  6. It’s my honor to have heard that my posts are useful for study.

    For AA and NA, I can say that I have some of my friends who are acoholics and narcotics in Cambodia. Unfortunately, I know only some girls who are drugs addicts in Bangladesh.

    Nonetheless, I will publish more about the topic above as soon as possible, and I hope it will be helpful for the group of students whom you work with.


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