Why Talk about Drug Addition?


          Drug addiction is one of the issues which is needed to be addressed since more and more people have been affected from it. Most likely, I will put out some real situations that relate to drug addiction and discuss about it and because internet is the best way to communicate and share our own opinions, I want to participate by giving out my point of views and experiences about drug issue. In that case, I hope others can learn through my experiences and think about the arguments and I hope that at least I can contribute to prevent this issue.


2 Responses to “Why Talk about Drug Addition?”

  1. I am so glad that you talked about issue like drug addiction in your blog. I loved your idea of putting the real stories so that people can realise how drugs are killers and might take our life.

    Great work.


  2. I think you are addressing a great issue which is happening all over the world. It is not only men now but also women who are addicted. And the internet is the best place to communicate as the drug dealers also communicate by this. Hope that at least one person will change their live by visiting you blog. Best wishes.


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