Where in Cambodia is the Most Popular Place to Get Drug?


             Well, this question might be confusing a little bit. It sounds like an illustration to an illegal place. However, I think it would be remarkable for people to know it because then they shouldn’t go there or they would be considered as drug searchers. Maybe it might be helpful to find someone we know who happens to disappear with a large amount of money.

            Actually, I don’t know whether every country has the same way to find drug but in Cambodia, if you want to find it, there are some places where it’s available. The easiest way to get drug is to go to a night club. This information popped out in 2002, I supposed, and was very effective at the end of the year of 2003.

            First of all, when you happened to walk into a night club in Phnom Penh, most likely, there was a security guard asked if you were 18 or you would be kicked off of the club. However, nobody was such a fool to tell him that he/she is 16 anyway. So everyone could get in only if they looked like 18.

            Once you entered the club, every fascination scene might appear in front of you, but in order to attract you even more than that, a waitress came to you and served you a free glass of water with a specific magic medicine that could give you all the excitement feelings as soon as you drank it for a little while. So after that time was done, you were hooked and a day after, at the same time, your leg might be walking unconsciously to where you got the water again.

            The second time you enter the club, the security would smile at you. However, you had to ask for a glass of water by yourself. Also, it was not for free anymore. You had to pay. “Only $5, kid,” the waitress would say to you. That was cheap. Then little by little, you were going to need more than a glass of water. Ha! That’s how business man’s getting richer and richer from day to day.



4 Responses to “Where in Cambodia is the Most Popular Place to Get Drug?”

  1. Fastidious idea…. Someta!
    U r doing a detective job finding drug available places….
    Over all I like the appearance of ur blog which is amazing and the ideas that u connected with ur topic is really good.

    Keep Goooooooooiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggg!!!!!!!!

    Wish U all the best 🙂


  2. Someta

    I wondered how do you know many things about drugs. If as a general citizen you know these informations, then must be the law enforcement knows more than you. My question is why they are leting people to take drugs? Why everyone is so silent about this major issue?


  3. Hi Méta!

    Whoa! Nice issues! I meant all those things about drug and stuff you wrote. I can see that your mind is improving. I guess the place where you stay does you good. Keep writing, maybe I would like to copy one of your posts for my next class essay. Loooove you.

  4. Copy for your next class? You still need to site my web though.

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