What about other Places?


           Well, in the urban area like Phnom Penh, everything is available everywhere. You can find drug business along a tiny way whether it is a road through markets, houses, some neighborhoods’ corners, the back school yards, Tabacs, near the cinemas, right in front of the hospitals, on the left side of the hotels, or even near the temples or pagodas.

            No matter where it is, people who sell drugs happen to appear in the same manners with different hip hops’ or gangs’ outlook. Some of them pretend like they are gossiping, playing video game from the iPod, talking on the phone, listening to music, or just sightseeing, or even a man with a folder…anyway, it’s rarely to be a girl because then the buyers would barely notice her as a drug supplier.

            Sometimes, drug dealers need to use eye-contacts or gesture commutations; they have to be creative so that the cops wouldn’t notice them. There is a question about this like if the cops wouldn’t notice that he’s a drug dealer then how can somebody else understands what he’s trying to sell? Easy, easy… Drug dealers and clients are like lovers at first sight! They have connection. Well, that’s the best way to communicate with strangers and guess what’s on their mind. If you want something, you have to be able to tell what’s on your mind so that your heart will tell you a way to reach it.

            Nonetheless, that sounds absurd. I wonder how can a society have drug businesses just like selling candies? How can they let such things happen? Because we are living in a poor country? That does not explain the whole thing. It couldn’t be a rational reason for this issue. However, maybe it’s because not one solution can solve it.


3 Responses to “What about other Places?”

  1. auwstudents Says:

    You are asking some really good questions. Maybe it is up to you to try to figure out the answers!

    Good job on the beginning of your blog!

    -Ms Amy

  2. whisperofthewind Says:

    These are really strong opinions. You could state your points in an attractive as well as discriptive way. I can picture each incident you descibe in the post.
    Fantastic job!

  3. Meta……… great job……..Drugs bring hazardousdiseases to the human body as well as destroying the whole human body. very easily. and i think mostly so many countries are addicted to this drugs…… its a really wonderful that your question are making us to think about future? well done……. go ahead……….

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